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Hey, I’m Amanda

I have an old intro post from taking 1421 in 2016 somewhere on this site, but for an updated version: hey everyone, I’m a junior in electrical and computer engineering. My main thing is that I play piano, and have tried a bunch of other instruments, but only really stuck with piano. Always down to learn a new one!

I’m planning on doing the Game Design minor, so the goal is to be able to learn more about sound design and music composition with respect to that. I have some light background in piano composition, and got to test the waters a bit with 1421. Generally, I just want to have a good time and make something cool. Hit me up if you’re interested in collaborating and need a pianist/engineer!

Amanda Trang

Hey, I’m a sophomore in ECE. I’ve been playing piano since I was pretty young, but tried a few other instruments in junior high. The euphonium and trumpet didn’t work out and I was absolutely miserable at French horn and violin, so I’ve just been sticking with piano since.

I love the idea of taking my interests in music and mixing it with my engineering studies. I have minimal background in basic piano composition and I want to build on that with computer music. I’m excited to see how this course goes!

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