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Flight Calls

Hey everybody,

I work at Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology (a big bird studies program just off campus) and my part of my job has been to upload sound files. I began realizing that some birds made fantastic sounds and could possibly edited together into a piece with harmonies, melodies, rhythms, etc. A majority of samples are unedited or lightly edited in this, my Project 1. I hope you enjoy!

This is also my first attempt at anything like this… today I heard a whole bunch of fantastic pieces from people; you know who you are and I want your feedback!

Intro for Brendan Fogarty

Hi everyone,


I’m Brendan, a junior bioengineer. I am not in the class yet but my fingers are crossed! I like to listen to a wide variety of genres, but I mainly listen to Irish traditional. I’m not in a group, but I have been playing uilleann bagpipes (which are NOT the St. Paddy’s Day march-around-in-a-kilt species!) for over six years. Since bagpipes create several very distinct sounds out of a few different ends of the instrument, they are not trivial to record well. I’d like to master the art of recording the pipes, but I am also very interested in learning the ins and out of audio software and just creating some interesting sounds and rhythms.

I’d be willing to collaborate with anybody if people are looking for something a bit different this semester. I am sadly taking a pretty heavy courseload and I’m nervous about getting enough time for my own project, but this is my only chance to take the class because of engineering requirements senior year so I am very excited to see how it all goes!

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