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Looking for partner – Project 2

Hi everyone, it is Huy. I am looking for potential partner for project 2.

My main forte is graphics, so I am looking to use pd as either a signal sorting program, or use GEM to visualize signals. If you are looking for interesting audio-visual interactions for your piece, hit me up.

I would also be on campus during Spring Break, if that is going to matter to you.

Hi it’s Huy here.

Hello everyone,

I am Huy, a senior in Biology, A&S. I took 1421 last year and it was super awesome, so now here I am again.
Before 1421, I was not a serious musician but I have worked as Radio DJ for and independently, and I also organized bands and VJ back in my hometown Hanoi, Vietnam during High School. Coming in 2421 I hope to make use of new softwares and hardwares to improve my live visual techniques, while also learning how to be better with DAWs. If you are interested in visual effects that responds to your music in real time, it would be great if we could talk.

If you are interested in what I do and listen to, here are some links: – I only have tracks I have done for 1421 uploaded so far. – A tracking site of what music I been listening to. – The page for my radio show, and also some audio-reactive visuals I have made.

Hope to have a good time with everyone this semester.

Concert’s recording

Will the recording of the concert be available to us to see? I would like to see it again!

Introduction: Huy Le – Music 1421.

Hi everyone, my name is Huy Le. I am a senior in Biology (Genetics). Before coming to Cornell, I have been working in my hometown’s scene (Hanoi, Vietnam) as a show organizer, band manager and VJ. At Cornell right now I am working as a VJ, both for and by myself. I am excited to use this opportunity to start actually making my own music. I listen to a wide range of music, but in recent years I focus on the Japanese music scene in various genres. I am also interested in many “bedroom producers”, up-and-rising artists that I listen to on Soundcloud. Look forwards to a semester with you, and hmu if you want to discuss about music/collaborating.

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