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Concert’s recording

Will the recording of the concert be available to us to see? I would like to see it again!

Introduction: Huy Le – Music 1421.

Hi everyone, my name is Huy Le. I am a senior in Biology (Genetics). Before coming to Cornell, I have been working in my hometown’s scene (Hanoi, Vietnam) as a show organizer, band manager and VJ. At Cornell right now I am working as a VJ, both for and by myself. I am excited to use this opportunity to start actually making my own music. I listen to a wide range of music, but in recent years I focus on the Japanese music scene in various genres. I am also interested in many “bedroom producers”, up-and-rising artists that I listen to on Soundcloud. Look forwards to a semester with you, and hmu if you want to discuss about music/collaborating.

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