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Free Ableton Live Course

As Cornell students, we have free access to all courses on, one of which is an Ableton Live 9 Essentials course with over 9 hours of videos, and also 1.8 GB of exercise files so you can follow along and practice what you’ve learned. I’ve gone through a couple hours so far and they are really good.  The exercise files are in the downloads folder in Studio B, and I can’t remember where I put them in Studio C, but they’re there (I’ll update this when I figure out where they are in Studio C).

Are stereo files ok for the upcoming assignment?

I have my own Tascam handheld recorder, which records in stereo. Is it ok to submit stereo files or should I just submit one of the channels? Thanks.

Re: HW1; What does “cleanly edited” mean exactly?

In the description for HW1 is the following sentence: “The resulting audio file should be approximately 10-15 seconds long, cleanly edited and ready for us to listen.” Could you expand upon what ‘cleanly edited’ entails (are fade-ins/fade-out required? Should we be editing out any extraneous noise and/or breath sounds etc….)? My initial thought is that this assignment is more about learning how to capture a good signal rather than audio editing, but I’d like to be sure. Thanks.

Question about questions

If we have questions about class topics, homework etc…., is this an appropriate forum for which to get answers from the Professor and/or the TA’s?

Introduction – Dean Olin

Hi All,

My name is Dean Olin. I’m a senior in Information Science. Prior to coming to Cornell, I worked in the IT industry for about 13 years. About 4 years ago, I realized that I didn’t care for my career, so I decided to change careers. I hope to end up working in the data science field (data science + music would be ideal!).

I play the guitar (acoustic, electric, and bass), piano (beginner level, just enough for writing), and I sing in the Cornell Chorale. I have used Pro Tools before, so I’m not a complete newb, but I’m really looking forward to learning computer music in a structured format. I also attended music school for a year when I was younger, so I know a bit of theory etc…

Music is my favorite thing. I like to write songs, and would love to become proficient enough with a computer music workflow so that I can get to the point where the computer becomes a creative extension. I hope to be able to learn how to better produce my songs, as well as learn new and interesting ways to create sounds.

On a side note, I found the Professor’s example of using the sounds from a metal railing funny, because that is the sort of thing I would do. I have been frequently roasted by friends (in good fun) for stopping to “play” some object that I noticed had a cool sound. They think it’s weird; I think they’re weird for not noticing the cool sounds.

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