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Hi everyone, my name is Han. I’m a senior majoring in Economics. I’m minoring in film studies, music, and business (yes, I’m a video person). I’m taking this class because I’m interested in creating soundtracks for my film projects, which can either be conventional experimental documentaries or live installments of visual and sonic creations. I don’t have a strong background in Western music but I play various non-Western percussion instruments (Korean, Latin American, African, etc.). I look forward to learning a lot from Professor Ernste and my peers in this class. Thanks!

About me

Sorry for posting this so late.

Well… My name is Han and I’m from South Korea.

I am a senior majoring in economics. I’m minoring in film, music, and business.

I’m taking this class to learn how to create some music for my films that I’m working on this semester.


I’m a percussionist and a composer. I play different kinds of drums from all around the world. Looking forward to working with lots of different musicians in this class.



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