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Hank Lin’s Intro

Hi guys, my name is Hank Lin and I am a second-semester senior in A&S majoring in Information Science. A singer/songwriter, pianist and film composer, I have experience writing songs and scoring student films for PMA productions, but have little knowledge in music production, which is the reason that I am taking this course. At Cornell, I’ve taken songwriting with Prof. Lewandowski before. In my free time, I enjoy performing my original songs at various open-mic venues in town such as the Sacred Roots Tea Lounge.

Songwriting-wise, I make mostly pop-rock and indie music. I am currently working on my first EP and am actively looking for producers, engineers, singers, any instrumentalists, etc. Also, I am looking forward to meeting people who would like to book a gig together before the semester ends. Feel free to reach out to me via email at if you are interested in either!

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