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Project 2

Please feel free to comment! (Attempting to beatbox while being sick definitely made me a little offbeat at times…). In addition, I’m looking for potential partners for the final project, please message me if you’re interested (I mainly beatbox and play the piano by ear). Thanks again!

This is my project 1 (Jeffrey Wai) (Twinkle Twinkle Megastar)

Hi guys! Since I did not get a chance to share this in class, here’s my project 1! (It’s rather raw in my opinion, but please feel free to comment, thanks!)

Hi Everybody! (Intro – Jeff Wai)

Hi Guys!

My name is Jeff, and I am a senior majoring in computer science. I have always wanted to take this class since freshman year, and I have finally made it in my last semester! Just to keep things short, I guess I’m going to use bullet points…

  1. I play the piano by ear, and I used to be a member of Piannovation, Cornell Piano Society’s performance team
  2. I can also beatbox¬†and kind of drum (I “drum” especially well on Android/iOS…)
  3. I am from Hong Kong, and I can freestyle in Cantonese
  4. I currently play for the HKSA band (Hong Kong Student Association)
  5. I am interested in a wide variety of music, from EDM, Dubstep to R&B, Rap, and even Cantonese/Mandarin Pop.
  6. My main goal for the class is to learn how to produce high quality EDM! but of course I am also open to any interesting ideas throughout the semester.

I look forward to creating music with all of you soon!

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