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Jerry Liu

Hey everyone, my name is Jerry and I’m a fifth year B-Arch student. I took the Intro to Computer Music course by Kevin about 2 years ago and have since fallen in love with making music.

Check out my soundcloud, although I haven’t posted stuff in a while…

I look forward to meeting everyone and learn from everyone! And of course always down if anyone want to collab and do some sessions together!


Jerry Liu

Hi everyone, I’m a senior Bachelor of Architecture student. I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I have always played, studies, and listened to music ever since I was little. I learned piano for 12 years before college and studied music theory in both middle school and high school. I was a part of the percussion section of my high school wind ensemble for 3 years. I have been playing drums and other percussion instruments such as the cajon for over 7 years. I helped form and played drums in a band called “Chase Your Words” for 2 years before I had to come to college. I’m thrilled for this class as I have always been interested in how contemporary musics are produced, and how computer can be used as one of the most powerful and versatile musical instruments of the modern times. I have just recently started to mess around with music production software such as Ableton Live and Fruityloops Studios as well as music-mixing software such as Virtual DJ and Serato DJ. I look forward not only learning new techniques and skills in music and music production, but also expand my creativity and perception towards modern electronic music. Cheers! 🙂

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