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Julie Jeong’s Intro

Hi guys! My name is Julie and I’m a senior majoring in Computer Science in Engineering. In the past, I’ve played flute briefly in middle school, then I was in front ensemble (aka “pit”) for my HS’s marching band. With these, I’ve performed at school concerts and during football games, as well as some state competitions. I also have some basic experience with piano. I enjoyed playing instruments and being part of musical performance groups, yet I would not say I’m confident with my musical skills, as I would say they are limited. I was really interested in this class because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make digital music after seeing videos of how contemporary pop music is made. And, I almost took a similar class in high school but it unexpectedly got unavailable, so I look forward to picking up my passion and interest and just having fun exploring music in this class! I’ve developed interests in visual arts and dancing so I’m very excited to be creative in writing music this time. And, I’m definitely interested in collaborating with others to inspire and learn from each other, and I would be very curious of others’ creative work and skills!

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