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Really Love D’Angelo Black Messiah

The intro of Really Love starts with a low bass note and then an orchestra joins in with spoken word in Spanish, which is panned more in the left in a soft whispery voice. Up to this point the orchestra is building in intensity. Then the orchestra fades out with a high string note that blends into a digital sound and a guitar is introduced and then is supplemented by the orchestra and continuous spoken word, still very soft, almost a whisper prevails. Reverb is put on the guitar as it plays until around 1:25 then a synthesizer, low string note, a little of low winds, and chimes helps transition the intro into theme A and it is repeated twice before vocals join in. The theme grooves with a laidback feel percussion (swung eighth notes on high-hat, snare on offbeat, kick on one and then right before the snare) and baseline (eighth note line) play very steady and repetitive rhythms. Once D’Anglo starts singing the theme is repeated twice. Then a bridge (theme B) is played giving some tension as it builds in intensity. It then transitions back into theme A that gives that resolution, which is repeated twice and then goes into theme B (the bridge). Then it goes back into theme A with a guitar solo over theme A. An interlude transitions the solo into the outro by building intensity with synthesizers that repeats the A theme into a fade. The overall song is about the same volume and intensity. It builds in intensity in the bridge section and interlude. In addition throughout the song, different instrumental elements are added making it constantly engaging and evolving.

Song Structure: |Intro|A|A|A|A|B|A|A|B|A|Guitar Solo|Interlude|Outro|

Sinan Kassam

My name is Sinan, I am a Senior Environmental Science Major in CALS. I have always loved making music. I play saxophone and love Jazz and Hip-Hop but am very open minded about all other types of music. I took this class to get a better understanding of DAW software, mixing, mastering, and making better quality music. I have a little experience producing and recording. I have been slowly setting up a home studio for the last few years. However, I still need a lot more knowledge and I am excited to learn in this class. I hope to learn a lot for my peers and also do a lot of collaboration. Making music with people/friends is my favorite thing.

This is my soundcloud page

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