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Zeke Lawrence – Intro

Hi everyone! My name is Zeke Lawrence and I use they/them pronouns. I’m a Junior in Arts and Sciences studying Music with an LGBT minor. I have played euphonium since 4th grade and trombone since 8th grade. I started playing classical music when I was a kid and picked up jazz in 8th grade. I primarily focused on classical music until last year, when I made the decision to prioritize jazz. At Cornell, I played in the Wind Symphony, and currently play in the Jazz Ensemble and direct a 1920s jazz band called the Original Cornell Syncopators. I also play in the Deep Dive House Big Band and have subbed with the Ithaca Ageless Jazz Band.

In my COVID days of high school, I got really into recording euphonium multitracks of random songs (stuff like Duel of the Fates and super obscure classical choral stuff). I started recording using GarageBand on my dad’s iPad, and have been constantly upgrading my setup since then.

I took Prof. Ernste’s “Making Noise” class last semester, and couldn’t wait to take another class with him! I also took a course on Dante (an audio networking system that works via ethernet) in my freshman spring with Paul Merrill, in which I got my hands on some live recording tech.

At this point, I’m hoping to further my knowledge of more tonal areas of composition (e.g. utilizing “proper” chord sequences and time signatures). I like to say that I am quite proficient at making spa music and musique concrete, so Assignment 2 is right up my alley! I would love to collaborate with as many people in the class as possible!

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