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November 20th - Biodiesel concert (live electronic music)

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On the evening of November 20th, supreme livetronica duo, BioDiesel will be infiltrating Theta Delta Chi for a wild dance party.

BioDiesel consists of drummer Johnny Rabb (former world's fastest drummer) and Bassist Clay Parnell (Brothers Past) who hold it down on their respective instruments while each simultaneously layers their sound with samples and voicings. The result is a fierce combination of drum-n-bass, original electro compositions, and dance remixes that throw crowds into a frenzy.

Calling the project an "experiment in Intelligent Dance Music" BioDiesel has been throwing down in venues across the country, and appeared at festivals like Starscape and Camp Bisco this past summer.

Doors for the event will open at 9:30pm. Opener DJ Electric Mayhem (Josh Stansfield) will start spinning at 10 and BioDiesel will follow with their first set at 11.

Tickets will be available at the door for $5 with a Cornell ID and $10 otherwise.

Chris Nieves

Hey everyone!  My name is Chris Nieves.  I'm a junior Economics major in the school of Arts & Sciences.  Guitar is my main instrument, though I also play some bass, keys, and trombone.  I play in two bands here in Ithaca.  Eigenfunk is an R&B/funk/rock band that I'm in with two other students and several Ithaca locals.  The other band is a "jam band" that still needs a name.  Besides that, I am an avid music listener.  My tastes span from jazz, hip hop, jam bands, rock, funk, blues, and indie.  More recently I've begun to get into electric music as well (one of the reasons for taking this course!).  Some of the genres I like in electronic music include progressive trance, dubstep, and glitch.  I'm somewhat familiar with some software (Cool Edit Pro, Audacity, Ableton Live) but I would like to really understand jsut what these programs can do.  My hope is that knowing these programs can help me create music and open up new creative possibilities. I'm really looking forward to this class! 

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