Assignment #2: Due Tuesday March 1st

For assignment #2 you’ll be doing a remix using the materials attached. You may develop these materials in whatever way you wish but I encourage you to explore some of the techniques we’ve been developing together (editing/extracting, iterative modification, launch quantization, effects chains, etc). However you modify the materials along the way, your final remix should be performed in the studio using the Launchpad and other controllers. This is your chance to familiarize yourself with the tools in preparation for Project #1 (See Project One details and an updated due date here).

Aim for something short, 1 – 2 minutes.

Assignment_2 remix materials and projects

Reminder: to record your in-studio performance into the Arrangement view (horizontal tracks), simply arm the master record (top of Live) and start your performance.

Please upload a zip archive containing 1) a mixdown* (a “Exported” .wav or .aiff audio file) of your resulting remix and 2) the Live project** you used to create/perform it from.

* Note 1: to Export the resulting remix from Live, Select All (or drag-select the total area you want to export) and choose File–> Export.

** Note 2: When saving your Live project, please choose “Collect All and Save” from the File menu. This will guarantee that all associated files are included in the project folder.

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