Assignments, Week 1

This week you have two parallel assignments and some listening, designed to familiarize you with the software and hardware available in the studios.

First, begin gathering sounds, both in the studio and out depending on your interest, familiarizing yourself with the microphones and studio hardware and software. Using these gathered sounds and the DAW of your choice (Ableton Live, Reaper, and Logic are available in the studio), create a short etude mix to share next week.

Second, access the Unix terminal (Applications–>Utilities–>Terminal) and begin to learn to use its utilities and environment for music. Documentation is available for each. For basic unix commands and their “soundfile directory” equivalents, see the Basic Unix Commands page. To explore using the in-terminal examples I mentioned in class, see the Score11 Quickstart Guide. I will make hard copies available in studio on the main desk.

Finally, I would like you to listen to John Chowning’s Stria, using the CsoundQT graphical software we used in class to play the file directly in software. A copy of the 4-channel version I created is on the Desktop in the “studiouser” account or downloadable here. Double-click on this file and hit “Play” to listen. The piece is long-ish, around 15 minutes, so give yourself time to take it in.

I am supplying, below, several articles about the piece, but you should feel free to explore on your own separately from my article curation, including things like Chowning’s homepage at CCRMA and interviews and articles that abound. Some of the articles will be quite technical and may include methods and ways of thinking that are unfamiliar. These are invitations for your further investigation, either on your own or through questions you bring to the seminar.

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