Assignments, Week 2

This week, please concentrate on two tasks:

First, create two or three Score11 sampler or granular synthesis scores and sounds. You can peruse the existing examples and create variations, say using your own soundfiles from last week or those in the soundfile library (“lsfl” to find sounds, “psfl” to play them OR “lsfl -p” to search and play automatically). To create functions for your soundfiles, use the “mksffuncs” command as discussed and using documentation provided here. A manual for Score11 is available online here.

Second, using the binaural microphone kit in B27 (main desk, bottom-right drawer) and one of the portable recorders (Tascam or library Zooms), make one or more short binaural recordings, either in studio or out. Be sure your levels are nice and hot without clipping. You can monitor the audio live through your own earbuds, to which the mics can be affixed, left and right, into your ears.

As an alternative, I will create a temporary binaural head, available in B27. Should you use that option, I encourage you to live monitor that signal as well.

UPDATE: Some students are having trouble using the binaural microphones with the TASCAM recorder provided in the studio. Below is directions for the Zoom H4n recorders available at the reserve desk in the music library.

First, plug in in the 1/8″ binaural mic jack to the rear of the H4n where it says, “ext mic”. This will disable the onboard stereo pair and use the binaural set. Finally, in the input menu you will have to turn on “plug-in power”, which provides the 2.5V power needed for the microphone.

A page from the manual explaining further is available here (click on image to expand):here

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