Assignment 4: Due Thursday October 27th

Using Reason’s Subtractor analog synthesizer, create a short (~30 second) study piece focused on timbre, using the hardware controllers/keyboards (physical faders, pots, etc) in the studio to control changes in the software.

You should start with one of three example patches for Reason, attached here (download assignment templates):

  1. A single “long tone” (one MIDI note!), shaping the dynamic changes in timbre over time by automating the parameters in the Subtractor
  2. A sequence, using the Subtractor in combination with a Matrix pattern sequencer to generate an unfolding sequence, again automating changes to the timbre over time.
  3. A combination of the two above.

The attached Reason patches (download assignment templates) will get you started with one of the three choices above. Your result should be a saved Reason patch, ready to be played back in Reason with all automation. If you wish to export a WAVE/AIFF audio file, you can, but the reason patch will, on its own, suffice.

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