Assignment 7, due December 10th

Peer feedback on Project 2 recordings: 

In lab meetings on Thursday December 3, you will spend roughly 5 to 10 minutes in a breakout room with some of your colleagues. During this time, your task is to simply exchange WAV recordings of your Project 2, to be listened to and critiqued this week (see below). By the end of the meeting, you should have access to four or five of your colleagues’ Project 2 recordings and have their full names to go with the assignments.

Write roughly 200 words of critique on each piece. Listen a couple of times before commenting. Model your comments on those received for Project 1, or from in-class group listening, or on the type of comments you wish you’d received but did not.

Prepare this as a single TXT, DOC, ODS, or PDF file, clearly indicating the name of the creator before each comment.

Also be sure to write the names of your group members at the top of the page.

Turn in the resulting PDF below. Your comments will, in turn, be shared by the TAs with the other group members.

Hand in Assignment #7 for the 9:55 section

Hand in Assignment #7 for the 11:30 section

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