Assignment 4: Due by midnight on Sat Nov 11th

Using Ableton Live and the sampling techniques discussed in class and in labs (tempo matching multiple clips, warping, “follow actions”, MIDI with Impulse, Sampler, and beat slicing, etc), create five “beats”, that is short audio loops or patterns that could be used later in a larger track.

A “beat” might be as short as one or two bars, or a little longer for patterns that develop over time. For example, you might make a new rhythmic pattern out of the famous Amen break sample or, perhaps, using samples from your assignment #2.

You may also use Ableton’s preset instrument, samples, and drum kits but I highly encourage you to explore using your own sounds and borrowed sound from sources you know.

The five resulting “beats” should be handed in as either A) Live sessions and/or B) as WAV audio files, exported. The latter is recommended. As usual, put everything in a folder, ZIP it, and upload below.

For your review, below are several short videos and links on the techniques we’ve discussed so far.

Using Impulse (most basic):

Using Sampler:

Audio clips, tempo and warping:

Beat Slicing (apologies, this video is helpful but of lower quality than I would prefer…):

Clip launching and “follow actions”:
Others can be found here in the Live manual:

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