Assignment 6: due Thursday Nov. 12

Using the MATERIALS PROVIDED TO YOU IN LAB (click to download), create a short (1 minute minimum) “remix”. You are free to manipulate the clips themselves however you like, using as many or as few as necessary for your short remix.

Focus on learning the MIDI controllers found in the studios, using the techniques we discussed in class with Ableton’s “Sessions” view to either 1) build a series of “scenes” (master clip launch area in the Master track) representing formal parts of your new mix or 2) performing your remix directly by simply activating clips individually or 3) some combination of #1 and #2.

The result should be a WAV audio file, exported from Live, as before. Be reminded, that in order to record your performance, you must arm the master record in Live first, then start your performance. The live input will then be recorded into the Arrangement view for export or further processing.

See this video for a reminder walkthrough, me performing and exporting my own “remix”.


This assignment is about understanding the tools available to you with the controller, having a first experience with live composition that should help you for your upcoming projects. It need not be treated with the same depth of creativity that you will bring to those larger, creative works.

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