Note: the following listing is deprecated, for updated downloads for Linux and OSX, please contact the developer.

The Turn-Key Linux Audio installation package is available to an ever increasing number of Linux flavors. The Turn-Key-specific tools (utilites, sdocs, tuorials, helpfiles) are almost entirelky agnostic as to their environment, and can be installed successfully on most unix systems (Ex. Mac OSX, Free/NetBSD, Irix, NeXT, etc). The core system is therefore very open to user preference. Below are downloadable installation packages for tested Linux and Unix environments. Please download the bundle for your system. If your system is not listed and you would like it to be, please contact me. I would very much like to see this project expand to include other ditributions (Suse, Debian, etc).

  • Extras/Individual (included in each complete bundle)
    • Ardour CVS download/build script [RH/PlanetCCRMA version]
    • "Extended" bundle for Redhat 8.0 and 9, includes:
      • cecilia
      • Csound
      • jMax
      • Mix
      • MixMagic
      • mplayer
      • mplayer-plugin (browser plugin for .qt, .mov, .wma, wmv, etc)
      • more...