Contributing software to the Turn-Key Linux Audio package is highly encouraged. There are a few areas of weakness, in particular MIDI and "trackers" which are not absent for lack of excellent apps. If your app seems to fill this gap, or if you would like to have something else included, please contact me at

Each installation script must use the following syntax (very much like a source RPM's 'spec' file, but for multiple packages). It should reside in a tarred/gzip'ed directory along with the original package tarball, and any dependencies. In a full installation, each subscript script is executed by a master script which resides in the Turn-Key Linux Audio root directory.

# <Package-name> installation script -- <your-name> -- <date>
# Package description

# Pre-install

rpm -e <conflicting-rpm> # uninstall uneeded or conflicting rpm's
rm -rf <any-old-untarred-directories> # discard dirs from old builds

# Dependencies

sh <dependency1-script> # include a similar script for each dependency
sh <dependency2-script> # and so on
ln -s <lib> <lib-linked> # make any necessary versioning soft links

# Install (Note: some apps may require a bootstrap phase, etc)

tar -zxvf <package-tarball-name>
cd <created-untarred-directory-name>

./configure <any-configure-flags>
make install
cd .. # return to root install directory

# Post install

rm -rf <any-old-untarred-directories> # cleanup this build

# end

An existing example can be viewed here.

This script syntax is intentionally simple. Ideally, even new users can mimic this format when installing packages of their own (for music or other tasks), thus slowly developing "in-house" variation(s) of the Turn-Key package, inclusive (and disclusive) of software which suites individual needs. And like the Turn-Key package, it will be installable from a single master script, making upgrades/mirroring/reinstallation, even of an entire distribution, a trivial endeavor.