Lab Questions, Fall 2014

Hey everyone-

A few questions have been coming up repeatedly, so I wanted to post a few notes here that might help you get back to work quicker:

1) STUDIO B PASSWORD– Studios C and D are set up so that when the computer restarts, it will automatically log you back in.  For whatever reason, Studio B’s computer has decided to do its own thing.  If you find yourself locked out of the Studio B computer, the password is written on the whiteboard behind the monitor.  You should be logging into studio user, not guest.

2) SOUND QUALITY ISSUES– Another frequent concert has been with sound quality (specifically, with stuttering and static).  The first thing to check is where your files were opened from.  When you start working, you should copy all of your files from the network (or from any other flash drive, etc. you might be using) to the Studio computer’s drive or desktop.  Just make sure to copy all of your work back to the network when you’re done!  If you’re working directly from the network or a flash drive, this is going to slow things down.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, the program or computer might just need to be rebooted.  As a reminder, these programs require a lot of computing power, and the computers have been in almost constant use the last few days.  So, please, please, please, shut any programs you’ve opened when you’re done.  If there is not someone waiting at the door to take over when you finish, please shut everything down.  David and I have walked into the rooms multiple times to find that everything has been left on overnight- this shouldn’t be happening.  If everyone’s a little bit more conscientious, it’ll help give the equipment some time to cool down and prevent further problems.

3) I can’t figure out what’s wrong and I’m wasting my much-needed studio time- If you can’t figure out the problem, and can’t get in touch with Professor Ernste, David, or myself quickly, please remember: the library lab is available for you to use during library hours! The same goes for if you run out of reserved studio time and want to keep working.

Hope this helps!


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