Materials for class on Max for Live and Puredata (PD)

Please download the following example for use in today’s lab.


Here is a link to the download location for PureData (Pd):

We will be using the “vanilla” version maintained by Miller Puckette but I will explain a bit about other available version, including:

Purr Data:
Pd CEAMMC (Centre of Electoacoustic Music of Moscow Conservatory):

All three of these are built upon a historic version of Pd called “Pd-extended”, which I will discuss in class (by way of showing scope, a list of objects available can be found here). Pd is a sister application to Max/MSP, which has been included in the Suite version of Live for many years and is foundational to many powerful extension of Live’s core functionality. Pd can also be embedded as a VST in Live via tools like, Camomile.

In addition to PD’s built-in Help system, please see the following sites for more help and shared patches.

– PD Forum and Patch Repo – Repository for patches, tutorials, and discussion related to PD.

– PD FLOSS Manuals – including concepts, working patches, and installation/setup help

– Programming Electronic Music in PD (“loadbang”) – Johannes Kreidler’s book

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