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Complete installation instructions are available on the documentation page, along with an FAQ.

Editors *

  • Audacity - a fast multi-platform editor, includes multi-track capabilities.
  • MiXViews - a powerful editor from Doug Scott, includes editing tools for analysis data.
  • Snd - Bill Schottstaedt's wonderful everything editor.
  • Sweep - an amazing editor (with "Scrubby" inside) from Conrad Parker.
  • Wavesurfer - one of the best editors for Linux, from Kåre Sjölander and Jonas Beskow.

Analysis/Resynthesis and DSP *

  • Ceres3 - the latest, greatest incarnation of the ceres spectral editor.
  • Cecilia - more than just a graphical front end to the Csound engine...a rich sound manipulation environment.
  • LADSPA - a plugins package, including the CMT set, and a number of others.
  • Mammut - a fun and useful analysis/resythesis tool with limited features but often suprising results.
  • PVC - Paul Koonce's phase vocoding tools with ECMC templates/scripts/docs.
  • SMS - Xavier Serra's Linux incarnation of his Spectral Modeling Sythesis application.

Sythnesis/Composition *

  • Csound(1) - the composition app, richly expanded with dozens of scripts and templates.
  • ngen - Mikel Kuehn's powerful new event preprocessor for Csound.
  • PD - The venerable MAX-like tool from Max''s own author Miller Puckette.
  • RTCmix - The Columbia/Princeton extension of its Cmix music composition "language".
  • RTMix - Ivica Ico Bukvik's exciting performance/real-time tool.
  • Score11 - Alec Binkman's very flexible Csound score preprocessor, powerful and easy to use.
    • TKLA includes a library of Score11 macros, templates, and examples

Players/Recorders *

  • Alsaplayer - a very nice player with some added functionality for visualization and playlisting.
  • Real Player (downloaded at install time) - a widely used streaming audio app, now for Linux.
  • xplay - very handy, very simple, no frills player.

Mixing *

  • Ardour (2) - Paul Barton Davis' impressive hard disk recorder/mixer.
  • Mix - the venerable NoTAM 9 channel mixer, with some welcome additions.
  • Ecasound - a rather deep hard-disk recording and playing/routing tool from Kai Vehmanen.
  • MixMagic - a GNOME mixing application with some useful features.

Utilities/Other *

  • ALSA - An advanced audio API for Linux with support for OSS in emulation (setup help can be found here).
  • JACK - the Jack audio connection kit for professional audio under Linux.
  • xsox (old version)- a graphical front end for the ubiquitous audio conversion utility "sox".
  • Shorten - a program for lossless compression of audio files.
  • Normalize - a command line utility for batch production of normalized levels.
  • RipperX - a nice GUI front end to cdparanoia for ripping CD tracks to audiofiles.

Turn-key scripts, utilities, macros, templates and examples * (downloads as a complete set)

  • Environment variables and program aliases for audio
    • soundfiles are stored, accessed, and manipulated in a separate but simultaneous directory tree (the users "working soundfile directory"-- pwdsf). Most common unix commands have a soundfile analog (i.e., cd has cdsf, ls has lsf, cp has cpsf, pwd has pwdsf, and so on). Applications which open, output, process, or create soundfiles do so to and from this directory (default is /snd/'whoami'). All audio applications are aliased to open ready to access the current working soundfile directory. Ideally, a separate partition is used, optimizing this disk/space for large contiguous blocks such as sound or analysis files.
  • Soundfile utilities
    • bounce - convert stereo files to mono
    • cpsf.aif - convert/copy any format to .aif
    • cpsf.wav - convert/copy any format to .wav
    • fixaiff - repair broken aiff headers
    • mkcaltones - outputs -15 dB calibration tone soundfile
    • pitchshift - shift in semi-tones, or multiplier
    • sfcheck - check and report soundfile header information
    • sfinfo - display soundfile information: format, duration, etc
    • sfnorm/stripnorm - normalize soundfiles (renamed .norm) and strip .norm extensions
    • sfpeak - find maximum amplitude value
  • Playing, listing, and searching soundfiles
    • findsnd - find soundfile by character string (-p will play them as they are found)
    • playsnd (p) - a command-line player (batch tool)
    • lsf - list soundfiles in current working soundfile directory
    • players - opens soundfiles in separate graphical players for quick mix auditioning
    • playlist - plays from a text file list
  • Playing, listing, searching personal soundfile library (/sflib)
    • findsflib - find soundfile in library by character string (-p will play them as they are found)
    • playsflib (psfl) - play file in soundfile library
    • lsfl - list soundfile in sflib
    • sflibinfo - find file info for file in sflib
    • sflibloops - finds loop points in files with extension ".loop"
  • Csound tools, extentions
    • chorus - for creating chorsused Score11 files
    • lsexamples (lsex)/getexample(getex) - list and get tutorial examples
    • lsscore(lssc)/getscore(getsc) - list and get ECMC score examples
    • lsmidifunc/getmidifunc - list and get ECMC MIDI functions
    • mkkeymap - creates keymaps for Csound functions
    • mkmidikeymap - generates a MIDI keymap
    • mkmidisffuncs - creates function definitions for use with MIDI and Csound
    • mko - m4o expand macros into an orchestra from ECMC library...see below
    • mksffuncs - make function tables for soundfiles
  • Csound orchestra library--m4o expandable instrument macros (type lsins and mko)
    • "sampler" instruments (transposing and non): samp, sampST, tsamp, tsampST, bigsamp, bigsampST, bigtsamp, bigtsampST, samplerpxsyn, samplertxsyn
    • modeled instruments: bsn, carillon, cbsn, celesta,chorbsn, chorcarillon, chorcbsn, chorcelesta, chordrums, chorfmod, chormarimba, chorplunk, chortrpt, drums, marimba, plunk
    • synthesis (granular, cross, etc): gran, xsyn, gxsyn, fmod
    • anaylsis/resynthesis: phavoc, resyn
    • global instruments and utilities: sf1to2, sf2to1, sfpan, sf, sfs, sfvpan, rev, rev2, delay
    • Allan Schindler's Eastman Csound Tutorial examples (includes orchestra and Score11 files for each tutorial example)
  • Score11/Csound score examples and templates (type lsex or lssc respectively)
    • templates which write corresponding score files for all above orchestra library instruments, as well as multiple examples for each
  • PVC (Paul Koonce) front-ends/templates (type pvcex)
    • useful templates for each Phase VoCoder program (chordmapper, plainpv, harmonizer, etc), as well as musical examples (type <program_name>.tp...Ex. "" to access templates)
  • SMS (Spectral Modeling Synthesis) examples and scripts (type lssmsex)
  • Vspace ambisonic templates/scripts (type vspacetp or lsvspaceex to list examples) -- available for sampling rates to 96k
    • for generating ambisonic B-format, as well as 9 channel .fmh (Furse-Malham Higher Order Format) ambisonic spacialization files.
    • Can be decoded to stereo, quad, etc with ambidec
  • Help and musical information
    • ecmchelp (a variety of help pages and charts for music and audio...Ex. ecmchelp pitchratios displays a table of interval ratios for the diatonic system)
    • man pages for most tools
    • utilities display usage statements when typed without arguments
  • CD burning, copying
    • mkaudiocd/burnaudiocd, mkdatacd/burndatacd, blankcdrw, cpaudiocd, cpdatacd

1. Though integral to Turn-KeyLinux Audio, Csound has a restricted liscence, and is therfore be downloaded separately at runtime.
2. Ardour is under heavy development but is highly usable in its present state. The JACK connection kit installs as a dependency.