Former Members

Eliot Bates – Oud and electronics

Eliot Bates is an ethnomusicologist specializing in digital audio recording cultures and the production of contemporary music in Istanbul, Turkey. His book Music in Turkey: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture was published by Oxford University press. He teaches at Cornell University in the music department in conjunction with the Society for ... details

Taylan Cihan – Laptop; electronics; miscellany

During the seven years spent as a professional graphic designer, Taylan Cihan won an international guitar competition organized by Total Guitar Magazine. In 2001, awarded with a full scholarship, he proceeded with study in electric guitar performance at the Guitar Institute, in London. He received his bachelor's degree in Jazz ... details

Tim Feeney – Percussion; friction

Tim Feeney seeks to explore and examine the timbral possibilities inherent in everyday found and built objects. He treats his percussion setup as a friction instrument, using bows, scrapers, and rosined drumheads to capture and amplify frequencies that go unheard when an object is struck with a traditional mallet. He ... details

Jesse Jones – Bowed guitar; mandolin

Composer, conductor, and mandolinist Jesse Jones (b. 1978) is an American artist of wide-ranging tastes and influences. His music has been performed across North America, Europe, and Asia, and Mr. Jones has received numerous accolades as both a composer and performer. Most recently, he has been honored with a Barlow ... details

Aaron Tate – No-input mixer

Aaron Tate holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Northwestern Univeristy, an M.A. in Ancient Greek and Latin from the University of Missouri, and a Ph.D. in Classics from Cornell. Aaron's interests range from ancient literature, linguistics, philosophy, and music to contemporary research on oral epic and lyric song traditions. Regarding ... details