Kevin Ernste – Electronics, kachapi, cymbals, miscellany

Kevin Ernste is a composer, performer, and teacher of composition and electronic music at Cornell University where he is Director of the Cornell Electroacoustic Music Center. He did graduate work in Music Composition at the Eastman School of Music (MA, PhD). His recent music includes Numina for Brooklyn-based Janus Trio ... details

Annie Lewandowski – Prepared piano

Annie Lewandowski was born and raised in the Midwest and now lives in Ithaca, New York. She writes songs under the name powerdove. Her first band, Emma Zunz, recorded their self-titled debut album for Tellous in 2006. She has also recorded with Hawnay Troof (Islands of Ayle, 2008), The Curtains ... details

Chris Miller

Chris Miller – Rebab

Chris Miller is active in several areas of music: composition, improvisation and performance; event production and administration; education and scholarship. A major focus in many of these areas, and one that has informed them all, is an involvement with Javanese Gamelan. One of the leading non-Javanese performers of traditional Javanese ... details