Visiting Composer/Performer Fred Frith in 2012

We are honored to have shared the stage with these amazing guest artists.


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%pm, %14 %583 %2015
HF Johnson Museum of Art: March 14th
:: @ Johnson Museum of Art

%0:%Mar %p On March 14th, 2015, CAGE and the H.F. Johnson Museum of Art will host a day full of performances and installations, celebrating the life and work of CAGE member Taylan Cihan. The event will culminate with a performance by CAGE including returning member, Tim Feeney. The 1-4pm event includes performances by:

- CAGE (as quartet and on the museums Bertoia sculptures collection)

- Electric Gollem (James Spitznagel and Trevor Pinch)

- Composers: Charles Cacioppo, Amit Gilutz,Tyran Grillo, Corey Keating, Tonia Ko, Michael Small, Ryan MacEvoy McCullough, and Peter Vincent.

%pm, %24 %875 %2013 :: @ Cornell's Milstein Hall dome

%0:%Feb %p
%pm, %24 %666 %2013 :: @ Cornell's Milstein Hall dome

%0:%Feb %p
%pm, %22 %750 %2013 :: @ Cornell's Milstein Hall dome

%0:%Feb %p Composer, artists, and performer Ellen Fullman presents her work to the Cornell Composers' Forum. Note that this even appears at a special time, not the traditional 1:30 Forum meeting.
%pm, %21 %937 %2013 :: @ Cornell's Milstein Hall dome

%0:%Feb %p
%pm, %19 %770 %2013 :: @ Cornell's Milstein Hall dome

%0:%Feb %p
%pm, %19 %750 %2013 :: @ Cornell's Milstein Hall Auditorium

%0:%Feb %p SYNOPSIS: "Over the past quarter century, composer, performer Ellen Fullman has developed and perfected her extraordinary 'long string instrument.' More than fifty feet long, the instrument envelops its audience in dense masses of sound; imagine standing inside an enormous pipe organ, or a huge grand piano. Recorded in multichannel surround sound, this short film is an intense musical exploration of Ellen Fullman's creative process and her mind-blowing sound world."
%pm, %18 %854 %2013 :: @ Cornell's Milstein Hall dome

%0:%Feb %p
%pm, %18 %750 %2013 :: @ Cornell's Milstein Hall dome

%0:%Feb %p Resident artist Ellen Fullman will present on the design and mechanics of her Long String Instrument. Please see the calendar for other events for her week-long residency in Milstein Hall.
%pm, %28 %666 %2012 :: @ Johnson Museum of Art

%0:%Oct %p “Harry was a metal man. When Harry was making furniture, he was making metal comfortable for the human body. When Harry was making sound sculpture, he was making metal comfortable for the human mind.” - Val Bertoia
%pm, %11 %875 %2012 :: @ Lincoln Hall B20

%0:%Oct %p Tim Feeney (formerly of CAGE) and Annie Lewandowski (CAGE) improvise soundtracks to the short films of Michael Ashkin Thursday, October 11th in Cornell's Lincoln Hall B20 at 8pm!
%pm, %22 %562 %2012 :: @ Anabel Taylor Hall

%0:%Sep %p American Baroque in the 21st Century: Old Meets New at the King of Instruments: "21st-Century Baroque," given by Randall Harlow and guests from the Eastman School of Music at 12:30 p.m. in Anabel Taylor Chapel, will feature new music written specially for the Anabel Taylor organ and its sister instrument in Rochester, N.Y., by composers from Cornell (Kevin Ernste, Taylan Cihan, and Charles Cacioppo) and the Eastman School (Steven Rice and John Liberatore); and a presentation by the Cornell Avant-Garde Ensemble (CAGE).
%pm, %11 %583 %2012 :: @ AD White House

%0:%May %p Part of an international conference will draw on a wide range of scholarship from across multiple disciplines, including musicology and composition, cognitive science, science and technology studies, linguistics, philosophy, computer science, performance studies, and anthropology.
%pm, %16 %604 %2012 :: @ Cox Music Library Seminar Room 316, Lincoln Hall

%0:%Mar %p Pauline Oliveros presents her work and ideas with discussion to follow. This event is free and open to the public.
%pm, %15 %875 %2012 :: @ The Johnson Museum of Art

%0:%Mar %p First set: Cornell Avant-Garde Ensemble (CAGE) Second set: Pauline Oliveros This event is free and open to the public.
%pm, %15 %541 %2012 :: @ The Johnson Museum of Art

%0:%Mar %p This even will take place in the 6th-floor conference space (with the large panoramic view of Ithaca). It is free and open to the public.
%pm, %14 %604 %2012 :: @ Lincoln Hall B20

%0:%Mar %p As a welcome session for Pauline Oliveros' three-day visit to Cornell, Assistant Professor of Music Benjamin Piekut will interview her about her work and the activities of her visit to Cornell for her 80th Birthday Celebration. This event will be preceded by a welcome luncheon beginning at 1pm. All are welcome. This event is free and open to the public.
%am, %01 %437 %2012 :: @ Lincoln Hall B20

%0:%Mar %p Improvisation master class led by guest Fred Frith, as an open rehearsal with the Cornell Avant-Garde Ensemble. Mr. Frith is a guitarist and experimental music icon. This event is part of the Fred Frith Festival. Fred Frith's website
%am, %18 %041 %2012
CAGE with Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong
:: @ Milstein Hall dome

%0:%Feb %p In February 2013, CAGE will host composer/performer Ellen Fullman with her incredible *Long String Instrument* for a week-long residency (events TBA) at Cornell's new Milstein Hall dome. The week will be capped off on February 24th by two performances with CAGE and Fullman featuring cellist/vocalist Theresa Wong.
%pm, %13 %875 %2012 :: @ The Hayloft at the Carriage House Café

%0:%Feb %p 1st set - Cornell Avant Garde Ensemble (CAGE) with Theresa Wong 2nd set - Soar Trio Carriage House Soar Trio (Skeeter C.R. Shelton, Sax / Joel Peterson, Bass / Thollem McDonas, Piano) The Cornell Avant Garde Ensemble (CAGE) is a free improvisation ensemble established in 2011 as an exercise in collective artistic serendipity. Current members are: Eliot Bates, Taylan Cihan, Kevin Ernste, Tim Feeney, Annie Lewandowski, Chris Miller, and Aaron Tate. For tonight's concert, they will be joined by Bay Area cellist and vocalist Theresa Wong.
%pm, %29 %666 %2012 :: @ The Johnson Museum of Art

%0:%Jan %p Two singers, Peni Candra Rini from Indonesia and Jessika Kenney from the United States, join the Cornell Avant Garde Ensemble (CAGE) to explore different lines between the traditional and experimental, the composed and improvised, in response to art in the exhibition Lines of Control. Cosponsored by the Department of Music. Lines of Control Exhibition, » details
%am, %08 %041 %2012 :: @ Lincoln Hall

%0:%Jan %p CAGE is in the process of recording material for an upcoming release. Materials were recorded in Lincoln Hall B20 and B21 over 4 days during the January Winter Break.
%pm, %22 %875 %2011
State of the Art Festival, 2011
:: @ Cornell University, Barnes Hall

%0:%Apr %p CAGE performed two sets, bookending Concert II of the three-day State of the Art Festival at Cornell University. The State of the Art took place on April 21st to the 23rd at Cornell University with performance in Barnes Hall Auditorium. Guest artists and composers included Ken Ueno, Tim Feeney, Liz Tonne, Wendy Richman, John Graham, Mikel Keuhn, Spencer Topel, Nathan Ward, and Chen-Kwan Lin with his Eastman Saxophone Studio (12 saxes).