CAGE / Bertoia – October 28th, 2012

“Harry was a metal man. When Harry was making furniture, he was making metal comfortable for the human body. When Harry was making sound sculpture, he was making metal comfortable for the human mind.” – Val Bertoia

Fred Frith Festival

Guitarist and experimental music icon, Fred Frith visited Cornell at the end of February/early-March 2012 capping off the month-long Fred Frith Festival in his honor. Festival events included concerts and masterclasses with pianist Annie Lewandowski and the Cornell Avant-Garde Ensemble.

Theresa Wong and CAGE at the Carriage House Hayloft

On Feb 13th, CAGE shared the Carriage House Hayloft stage with special guest cellist/vocalist Theresa Wong. The performance featured a subset of ensemble members: Kevin Ernste (miscellany), Tim Feeney (percussion), Annie Lewandowski (piano), and Chris Miller (rebab).

Peni Candra Rini & Jessika Kenney

Two Singers and CAGE: Peni Candra Rini from Indonesia and Jessika Kenney from the United States joined the Cornell Avant-Garde Ensemble to explore different lines between the traditional and experimental, the composed and improvised. The event took place at the Johnson Museum of Art in conjunction with the multi-gallery exhibition ... details

Lincoln Hall recordings

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Johnson Museum: Look and Listen, 2011

One striking aspect of the Johnson Museum is the inclusion of Ithaca itself in its design, in particular the panoramic views of the city but also the use of natural light. Tonight's performance seeks to "set" the Johnson's westward view of Ithaca at sunset (officially scheduled for 6:03pm) and the ... details

Ithaca Soundscape Project

The Ithaca Soundscape Project is an ongoing sound art work built on crowd-sourced field recordings made in the Ithaca area. It was recently presented as a solo performance as part of the Cornell Society for Humanities annual conference "Sounding cultures: from performance to politics" as well as at the Johnson ... details