Theresa Wong and CAGE at the Carriage House Hayloft

On Feb 13th, CAGE shared the Carriage House Hayloft stage with special guest cellist/vocalist Theresa Wong. The performance featured a subset of ensemble members: Kevin Ernste (miscellany), Tim Feeney (percussion), Annie Lewandowski (piano), and Chris Miller (rebab).

Milstein Hall: Dome Performance

Cornell's new Milstein Hall, recently added onto the existing Sibley hall--extending the space and capabilities of the Art, Architechture, and Design facilities at Cornell--presented an interesting new space for performance. In particular, the concrete dome (part of the building's "lower plate") under the main passageway from the arts quad entrance ... details

Johnson Museum: Look and Listen, 2011

One striking aspect of the Johnson Museum is the inclusion of Ithaca itself in its design, in particular the panoramic views of the city but also the use of natural light. Tonight's performance seeks to "set" the Johnson's westward view of Ithaca at sunset (officially scheduled for 6:03pm) and the ... details

State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca NY

May 13th, 2011: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam a turpis at mi gravida ultrices vel vitae velit. Pellentesque felis nulla, euismod at rutrum non, malesuada luctus est. Sed ultrices semper dictum. Vestibulum quis dui elit, quis pretium justo. Integer sed magna porttitor orci fermentum congue vel ... details

drift: a sound installation by Chris Miller

Originally composed for the 16-channel speaker environment of Engine 27, a sound art gallery in New York, drift is an installation of indeterminate length using samples of Javanese gamelan. It was recently presented in Lincoln Hall's main foyer as part of the Cornell Electroacoustic Music Center's State of the Art ... details