Maria Bodiu

Hello Everybody


I'm Maria. I'm really excited for this class though I admit I'm a bit anxious as well. Unlike most of you, I have not taken music 1421, and all this electroacoustic technological jargon people throw around in class kind of scares me. But I welcome challenges and I'm looking forward to learning all about the software and electronics we'll be using.


A little bit about me: I'm a senior in Arts and an Econ and Math major. I'm so happy I found time to take this class finally - I've been wanting to take it since freshman year. I think that Music 2421 along with Wines will be the higlights of my last semester at Cornell. I'm from Moldova - born and raised. I started playing piano there and dancing ballet and ballroom. I've been playing classical piano for over 12 years and have a teacher's certification. I started singing a while back as well. Now I'm starting to focus more on Jazz piano and writing my own songs. I have written a few pop songs and hope that I can make them better through the knowledge I will gain from this class. 

Hey guys~

Hey guys, my name is Dean, a junior in AEM and minoring in music (!). I took MUSIC 1421 3 semesters ago, and I've been playing around with this stuff ever since. I've been making covers of pop/rock songs for a few years now, and hope to write my own songs soon (but it's really tough, as I've found). I've been looking to expand my digital music repertoire further, so now I'm enrolled in 2421. I primarily use Logic and Reason for my work, and I use my voice, piano, and a bit of guitar. Look forward to meeting many of you!

Introductions: Sixing Chen

Hey guys!

I'm Sixing Chen. I go by Jim. I'm a junior in operations research, with a minor in math. I'm originally from China, but lived in Canada, Tennessee, and currently Kentucky. I don't have much previous experience with computer usage in music. I've played the violin for a while now, and the guitar for a few years, and sing in the showers.

I'm mainly into rock (Nirvana, Incubus, Soundgarden. Muse...), blues (SRV, BB King, Muddy waters...), classical (Shostakovich, Chopin, Vivaldi...) and a bunch of soundtrack stuff. I be always down to jam and stuff, just lemme know.

Looking forward to working with everyone!


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Introductions: Jess Theis


I'm Jess and it's my last semester here at Cornell. I'm a Psych major with a minor in French and an interest in music. I'm currently learning the guitar here in Ithaca and used to play percussion in Middle School and High School including the drums in Jazz band. I love creating music, and although my instrumental skills aren't very advanced what I enjoy most is singing. I like most types of music (perhaps except for Scream-o) and I especially enjoy Rock, Jazz, Funk, and Folk music as well as electronic and love me some good city beat stuff like Bonobo and Goldfish. I'm actually interested in doing something "goldfish-like" this semester, you can check them out on myspace (Tracks "Soundtracks and come backs" and "This is how it goes & All night" there are other good ones that aren't on there). I'd love to add vocals to any collaboration or project if you need a female voice and could do basic guitar and or rhythm if you needed it in a live performance for example. I live in a co-op and am the president there, we have a sweet practice space in the basement and might need music groups for "large gatherings (cough cough)" this Spring. I took Music 1421 in the Fall of 2009 and had an awesome time creating music and I really look forward to working with you guys in class and collaborating on performance pieces. :)


introductions: siva iyer

hey guys, my name is siva iyer (that's pronounced kind of like "shiver" without the r at the end). i'm a senior biology major in CALS hailing from chicago. this is my first real course in electronic music methods, so i'm super excited. i sang a cappella from senior year of high school to sophomore year and i've been involved in dance (either indian or hip hop) in some capacity all four years. as far as my instrumental ability goes, i played alto sax from 4th grade to 11th grade and tried to teach myself piano (to a minimal level of success, because of time issues).

my musical influences/tastes are diverse and include: anything with pharrell (NERD, his independent stuff, neptunes), radiohead, the fugees, t-pain, the new pornographers, outkast, steel pulse, missy elliot, timbaland, BEP, ok go, kanye west, blackstreet, any 90s or mid-2000s hip hop/pop, and all kinds of indian music. 

Justin Zupnick

Hey guys! I'm currently a junior majoring in Communications with a focus in media studies.  I'm also minoring in Computing In The Arts, with a focus in music.  I've been playing guitar for about 9 years now - blues, soul and jazz. I also have been playing slide guitar for about 4 years. Back in high school I interned at Sabella Recording Studios, an analog studio on Long Island. Last summer I interned at the publicity and marketing departments at Atlantic Records.  I also took Sound Design & Digital Audio with Warren Cross in the spring semester of last year.  Oh, I sing too. I'm really looking forward to this class and hoping to incorporate the use of computer technologies with my guitar playing in realtime.

Scott Caldwell

Hey everyone, My name is Scott Caldwell. I am a senior sociology major. I've been using protools for about a year now and have been slowly creating a home recording studio in my basement.  I usually write jazz pieces for guitar but sometimes make more electronic compositions. 

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Introductions: Jeremy Blum

Hey all!

I'm Jeremy Blum, a junior in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Right off the bat, I'll admit that I don't play an instrument, and I don't consider myself musical.  But, I'm quite good at finding my way around a computer - and tend to pick up new software quickly.  I'm well versed in microcontroller and robotics design - I've been working on an audiovisual musical theremin on and off for a few months now.  I'm hoping I'll have time to finish it next summer.  The most musical thing I've done is make a robot that plays guitar hero:

I look forward to learning a lot from everybody!

Introductions: Meghan Gaudet

Hey everyone! I'm a junior majoring in ISST with a minor in Computing in the Arts. I took Music 1421 last semester and found it to be a very inspiring class. I really enjoyed working on/listening to the projects, so I decided to continue the electroacoustic music path with take this course.

I play piano, guitar, and tenor saxophone...I enjoy literally every kind of music. Try me. Except maybe disco? The only experience I have with making computer music is from Music 1421, so I hope to further expand my knowledge this semester. Can't wait to see what everyone gets into!

- Meghan

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Introductions: Chuck Moyes


I am Chuck Moyes, a junior in Engineering from Pittsburgh, who is extremely passionate about music. I play the piano, trumpet, and the didgeridoo. I listen to a variety of music (mostly electronic) -- old school hip hop, drum and bass, trance, house, and dub step but also some jazz, prog rock, and classical. I really enjoyed taking 1421 so I decided to continue on with the next class. I want to expand upon my previous work and try to incorporate more advanced performance techniques.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

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