Semester Schedule, Fall 2023

PART I: Digital Audio

Week 1 — August 22nd and 24th
— Course Introduction
——> Assignment #0: Website introduction

Week 2 — August 29th and 31st
— Digital Audio Fundamentals; Audio Recording Techniques (lab)
——> Assignment #1: Recording the human voice

Week 3 — September 5th and 7th
— Audio Editing, Sample Preparation, Sound file Libraries and Mixing Basics (lab)
——> Assignment #2a: Sample libraries

Week 4 — September 12th and 14th
— Principles of Multi-track Mixing and mastering (lab)
——> Assignment #2b: Musique concrète mix

Week 5 — September 19st and 21st
— Sounds and form; Signal Routing and processing (lab)
——> Assignment #3: Listening and analysis

Week 6 — September 26th and 28th
— Advanced DAW Techniques, Formats and finalizing (lab and project meetings)

PART II: Synthesizers, Samplers, and Sequencing

Week 7 — October 3rd and 5th
— Introduction to MIDI and controllers

Week 8— October 10th and 12th
— Synthesis, Timbre, and modeling (lab)
——> Project One due Thursday October 15th; in-class project listening/discussion

Week 9 — October 17th and 19th
— Synthesizers, Sequencing, and Sampling (lab)
——> Assignment #4: Synthesis and sound imitation

Week 10 — October 24th and 26th
— Controllers and loops (lab)
——> Assignment #5: Remix

Week 11 —October 24th and November 2nd
— Analog electronics and DIY / DIT, Do-it-together (lab)

PART III: Composition and Live Performance

Week 12 — November 7th and 9th
— Project 2 due Tuesday November 11th

Week 13 — November 14th and 16th
— Live performance and controllerism

Week 14 — November 21st and THANKSGIVING BREAK
— Modular Programming and Interactivity; Alternative Controllers (lab)
——> Assignment #6: PD and algorithmic music

Week 15 — November 28th and 30th
— Live streaming basics; Audio for multimedia; Audio/Video Sync (lab)
——> Assignment #7: OBS streaming basics, sources and templates

Final Concert: Sound Art Forum, date and time TBA

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