Semester Schedule and Topics

Part I, Topics and Projects:

– Sound fundamentals and acoustics
– Hearing and perception
– Sound and time, music and time
– Sound and physical spaces

– Sound and performance study
– Soundscape / “ear witness” project
– Prepared piano (or other instruments) project
– Objects and sounds in space (“rainforest”)

Semester Project One, due March 11th

Part II, Topics and Projects:

– Sound and image, analysis and re-synthesis
– Sound and movement, performance controllers and DIY
– Sound installation and sound environments
– Sound art and sound sculpture

– Drawn music project
– DIY synth or Arduino project
– Instrument (digital and/or acoustic) building project
– Public installation project

Semester talks and papers due starting April 20th

Final Project exhibition, May 5th (concert or exhibition preview) and/or May 11th (exhibition)

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