Semester Schedule

PART I: Sound and Live Performance Fundamentals

Week 0 – January 28th
– Course introduction and logistics; studio introduction

Week 1 –February 2nd and 4th
– Microphone types and placement, studio and remote recording

Week 2 – February 9th and 11th
– Editing and sound manipulation; sound clips and live mixing

Week 3 – February 18th (Thursday only)
– Hardware and software configurations, signal path; Performance controllers

Week 4 –February 23rd and 25th
– Live audio (concert prep): signal path, sound reinforcement

PART II: Connectivity and Interactivity

Week 5 – March 1st and 3rd
– Performances and critiques I

Week 6 – March 8th and 10th
– Introduction/Review to/of graphical programming with PureData (PD)

Week 7 – March 15th and 17th
– PD continued: control data, audio signals; designing user interfaces

Week 8 – March 22nd and 24th
– MIDI, networks and OSC (Open Sound Control), customized interfaces

Week 9 – March 29th and 31st – SPRING BREAK

Week 9 –April 5th and 7th
– Collaborative/cooperative creative work

PART III: At the interface

Week 11 – April 12th and 14th
– Performances and critiques II

Week 12 – April 19th and 21st
– Multimedia; sound art, installations, and the web

Week 13 – April 26th and 28th
– New and experimental interfaces for performance; DIY technologies

Week 14 – May 3rd and 5th
– Live sound reinforcement, sound distribution, concert logistics

Week 15 –May 10th
– Final performance discussion and planning

Final Concert: Sound Art Forum, Date, time, and place TBA

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