Rehearsal times, tomorrow morning

9:40 Mike Sosa, Dae Gun Chung Kim, Andrew Ma
10:00 Anderson Park
10:10 Pravir Samtani
10:20 Ankit Rana
10:30 Dae Gun Chung Kim, Mike Sosa, Andrew Ma
10:50 Daniel Weiss
11:00 Brendan Elliott
11:10 Kaavian Shariati
11:20 Charles Davis
11:30 Prof. Walker White
11:40 Rohan Kandel
11:50 Cathy
12:00 Daniel Goldfarb
12:30 Sara Mills
12:40 Anshuman Das
12:50 Ben Stewart, DJ Singleton
1:00 Henry Graney
1:20 Jake Sanders jas2223
1:30 Stephanie Chang
1:50 Isabel Gareau
2:00 Gabriel Bond
2:10 Jordan Wolkon
2:20 Joe Fuentes

Concert Order

A Pravir Samtani
B Ankit Rana
Mike Sosa, Dae Gun Chung Kim, Andrew Ma
A Daniel Weiss
B Anderson Park
O Brendan Elliott
A Kaavian Shariati
B Rohan Kandel
O Charles Davis
A Cathy Hui
O Anshuman Das
B Daniel Goldfarb
O Sara Mills
Ben Stewart, DJ Singleton
O Jordan Wolkon
A Joshua Ying
O Stephanie Chang
B Henry Graney
O Jake Sanders
O Edwin Ramos-VazquezA
O Isabel Gareau
A Gabriel Bond
O Prof. Walker White
B Joe Fuentes
A Alexander Fomenkov
B Christine Zhang
A Hanna Arfine

Looking for final project collaborators

Hey everyone!

If anyone is looking for a partner to collaborate on the final project with, please email me at



Materials from network / OSC lecture

Here are the materials from Tuesday’s lecture on networks, mobile and “ubiquitous” devices and the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol.

1. OSCulator software, a patchbay for OSC … also for bluetooth and game controllers like Wii
2. OSC in PureData, a brief tutorial, plus a basic receiver patch for OSC
–> some patches that work with TouchOSC presets can be found here.
–> my test OSC patch from class, for TouchOSC with 4 faders
3. TouchOSC — controller designed for mobile / tablets
–>plus TouchOSC Editor for layout editing, creation, and upload
4. FaceOSC for fun … see other software and projects that might interest you also



Applications for Game Design (Spring 2019)

With pre-enroll around the corner, I have now opened up applications for the game design courses next semester (CS/INFO 3152, CS/INFO 4152).  This post is not an attempt to promote more interest in these courses.  I will get twice as many applications as I can accept into the course; applications are extremely competitive.  But there are some new opportunities available for composers this year, and I wanted to bring them to your attention.

The courses are not designed to support composers that only work on music.  I do not have the training for this and large parts of the course would need to be rethought.  We only allow composers into the course when they can do one of the other three traditional tracks: programming, character art, UX design/testing.  We make the bar lower for good composers (so a programmer/composer is competitive with CS 2110 and does not need CS 3110), but we still require some expertise outside of music.

However, some groups in the past have asked if they can contract music out to their friends.  Not only have we allowed this, but these students were invited to our showcase.  In addition, if the game is accepted to a national game festival (like Boston FIG), I include these “contractors” when I offer to pay for the transportation costs.

This year, we have decided to make this a little more formal.  We have added an external member option to the application.  You can apply to join a team as a pure composer.  While we cannot enroll you in the full course, we can give you INFO 4900 (Independent Study) credit for joining the team.  The commitment is up to you.  We award 1 credit hour for each 2.5 hours of work a week.

If this interests you, I am accepting applications at the link above until December 15th.



Class materials, 10/11

In C materials

9/20 Lab materials

Please download the following zip files for use in today’s lab:


Lies_arrangement Project

Original materials downloaded from CCMixter, an online sharing site for mixes and materials, specifically this page:

by Trifonic

2008 – Licensed under Creative Commons

Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

Lost wallet

Hi guys, I think I lost my wallet in class today. Has anyone seen it, or has anyone held on to it?



Materials for Sept 13th

Sound samples for lab, 9/13.

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