First 2421 blog post + intro?

Hey guys, I’m Anshuman (Anshu), a student in MUSIC 2421 this semester. I didn’t take 1421 last semester, so I’m pretty new to all this music editing, but I’ve played piano for almost 18 years, so I thought it’d be cool to apply that in electronic music production. I hope to get better at Ableton and Audacity this semester to produce music in my free time.

What I’m really trying to accomplish this semester is to learn how to write my own lofi hip-hop music, so if anyone’s interested in that, hit me up for sure. I’m open to really any kind of music, but have an affinity to a jazzier style (even though I only have experience in classical music).

Asides from music, I’m a mechanical engineer with growing electronics background in embedded systems and embedded operating systems, so I hope that by the end of the semester, I can create something cool for the class. Let me know if this is something that you’d be interested in! Hope to get to know you all better!

Some loops for todays session on routing and envelopes

Loops for 2/13/18

2421: Assignment 0

Hi guys, I’m Rene. Most people call me Nick though. I just joined 2421. I’m from Chicago and I’m a junior in A&S. I’ve been creating and performing music on my laptop for a while. I started out with Garageband, then started DJ-ing using Traktor and Virtual DJ. I began to explore and was amazed at the potential for producing music from scratch using Live. I slowed down on the live music and DJ-ing and stuck with producing good range of tunes. I took piano for several years but forgot most of it. Also took a bit of percussion.

Assignment 0

Hello, all!

My name is Brady Kellum; I am a music major, and I am interested in composition. I have been singing for most of my life. In high school, I was part of a regional choir, and while in my high school select choir, we took second place in a radio contest which allowed us to perform at the Kimmel Center with the Philly Pops. I have played bass drum and conducted in my high school’s marching band. I have experimented and produced some things with the GarageBand, Audacity, Finale, and Ableton Live softwares. I would like to be able to learn how to compose score for video games and/or other types of media. I am currently in the Cornell University Glee Club, and its a cappella subset, The Hangovers. I recently became the president of the A Cappella Advisory Council (ACAC) at Cornell. I am very much interested in collaborating with others to assess different work styles and to learn about my own.


Hi! My name is Yihao Chen and I am a junior transfer student majoring in computer science. I am a flute player and I am learning to play the piano and guitar. Also, I make music. So far, I have not set up a Soundcloud page but I will do it soon.

Blog 1

Hi, my name is David Cabuenas and I am a junior music major and visual artists

My main interest include Hip-hop, Experimental & Avante-garde music, and digital media.

I am involved with the underground music communities at Cornell and in New York City. I’ve played and booked shows for Fanclub Collective, JAM, and Ithaca Underground.


2421 Intro

Hey all, my name is Salief. I am a junior studying Information Science and Animal Science. I am an avid listener of all sound! My creative experience lies mainly in the realm of photography although I’ve been been making music on my own for a while now. I mainly listen to hip-hop & rap, as well as a huge range of electronic music. If you want a taste of what I listen to you can check out my likes on SoundCloud here. I am very excited about this course and look forward to sharing with you all.

Tyler Tracy – Music 2421 Intro

My name is Tyler and I am a senior studying Physics and concentrating in music and acoustics. My goal is to one day work full time as an acoustic consultant. Last summer I interned with Resource Systems Group in White River Junction, VT working on environmental noise control projects like wind farms and electrical substations. I also am an avid music consumer and amateur  producer. If you are interested in my less-than-serious music production, and if you have ever played Age of Empires II, feel free to check out my sound cloud I made as a joke over winter break:

Music 2421


My name is Christopher Oh, a sophomore in Engineering majoring in Computer Science. I took MUSIC 1421 this past semester and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then, I’ve been playing around with Ableton, Audacity, and my keyboard/midi controller, composing for friends or just for fun.

Otherwise, I have minimal limited musical experience: I took almost a year of classical piano lessons when I was five, and I played trombone in middle school. However, since then, I have been experimenting with chords and improvising to become the self-taught pianist (with lots to learn) I am today. The bulk of my musical experience comes from serving in my church worship team as a keyboardist through middle school and high school. With this, I’ve had the honor of serving at various retreats and other events. On the engineering side of things, I worked as the sound guy for our praise teams as well as children’s ministry and the adults’ service in our main sanctuary. I also worked a lot with Arduinos and other microcontrollers to interface with different sensors and musical instruments and also to make speakers.

Ronnie Forster – Assignment 0

Hey all, my name is Ronnie Forster and I’m an MEng student in Mechanical Engineering from Maryland.  I’ve always been super into music, have attended over 400 live sets and multiple festivals across the world.  I’m super interested in the electronic sound space (ODESZA, Porter Robinson, Slow Magic, Tycho, San Holo) and how visual effects and sound can combine to create amazing experiences.  I’m somewhat self taught in Ableton Live (shoutout to those Lynda tutorials, they’re pretty great, definitely recommend them).  Have some background in music from Trumpet/Guitar in high school.  Hoping this class put some structure into getting into my creative side some more so I can actually start making some good content.  Looking forward to the semester!

Hi it’s Huy here.

Hello everyone,

I am Huy, a senior in Biology, A&S. I took 1421 last year and it was super awesome, so now here I am again.
Before 1421, I was not a serious musician but I have worked as Radio DJ for and independently, and I also organized bands and VJ back in my hometown Hanoi, Vietnam during High School. Coming in 2421 I hope to make use of new softwares and hardwares to improve my live visual techniques, while also learning how to be better with DAWs. If you are interested in visual effects that responds to your music in real time, it would be great if we could talk.

If you are interested in what I do and listen to, here are some links: – I only have tracks I have done for 1421 uploaded so far. – A tracking site of what music I been listening to. – The page for my radio show, and also some audio-reactive visuals I have made.

Hope to have a good time with everyone this semester.

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