Lab materials for October 26th

Lab Matierials for 10-26

Zeke Lawrence – Intro

Hi everyone! My name is Zeke Lawrence and I use they/them pronouns. I’m a Junior in Arts and Sciences studying Music with an LGBT minor. I have played euphonium since 4th grade and trombone since 8th grade. I started playing classical music when I was a kid and picked up jazz in 8th grade. I primarily focused on classical music until last year, when I made the decision to prioritize jazz. At Cornell, I played in the Wind Symphony, and currently play in the Jazz Ensemble and direct a 1920s jazz band called the Original Cornell Syncopators. I also play in the Deep Dive House Big Band and have subbed with the Ithaca Ageless Jazz Band.

In my COVID days of high school, I got really into recording euphonium multitracks of random songs (stuff like Duel of the Fates and super obscure classical choral stuff). I started recording using GarageBand on my dad’s iPad, and have been constantly upgrading my setup since then.

I took Prof. Ernste’s “Making Noise” class last semester, and couldn’t wait to take another class with him! I also took a course on Dante (an audio networking system that works via ethernet) in my freshman spring with Paul Merrill, in which I got my hands on some live recording tech.

At this point, I’m hoping to further my knowledge of more tonal areas of composition (e.g. utilizing “proper” chord sequences and time signatures). I like to say that I am quite proficient at making spa music and musique concrete, so Assignment 2 is right up my alley! I would love to collaborate with as many people in the class as possible!

Quinton Wright – Intro

Howdy! My name is Quinton and I use he/him pronouns. I’m a 3rd year PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell. My research is in understanding the mechanisms by which type 2 diabetes causes bone fragility. In high school, I got really into EDM and wanted to make my own dance music tracks, so found YouTube tutorials and some VeryLegalTM downloads for DAWs, subtractive synthesizer plugins, and sample libraries. I have produced music for myself on-and-off since then. I have never had any formal training, so I’m very excited for this class to fill in the gaps in my knowledge.  I’m especially looking forward to recording audio for music and working with analog electronics, because I don’t have any experience in those areas. I also play a little bit of piano.

Tomisin Sodeinde – Intro

Hello! My name is Tomisin Sodeinde. I am a 2nd year graduate student studying Material Science and Engineering. I have played the piano for about eight years l and have picked up the guitar about a year ago. I am taking this class because I want to combine live instrumentation with the software skills I learn to produce music. I also believe by taking this class I will have a better understanding of music. I want to be able to produce my music from my own home studio so this class is an inspiration as well.

Ahmed Sultan — intro

Hi all! My name is Ahmed Sultan, and I’m a senior studying Information Science and Business. My instrument resume is not super built out—besides exposure to the drums/other percussion instruments and guitar (mostly electric), I’m pretty much a blank slate. Definitely excited to learn a lot this semester, and I have no specific creative agenda beyond trying to make things that sound cool and interesting 🙂 I love to explore new kinds of music and sounds, so I would be super down to collaborate with some of you over the upcoming semester.


Lindsey Manos – Intro

Hi! My name is Lindsey and I use they/them pronouns. I’m a senior in the college of arts and sciences studying information science. I’ve always had a love for music. I played the french horn in my high school band and took piano lessons for several years growing up. Recently I don’t play music as often but I do frequently attend concerts! I also enjoying writing song lyrics as a way of journaling about my thoughts. Last semester I took Music on the Brain which required me to work with the software Soundtrap and write my own song for the final project. I really enjoyed it and would love to get back into making music. I look forward to the opportunity to learn from some of the more experienced members of the class. I’m definitely open to collaboration.

Yanqi Hu – Intro

Hi this is Yanqi (or Jenny)! I am a senior studying HBHS in Human Ecology. I used to play piano and bamboo flute, and I was also an active member of choir. But I’ve been a little away from music and instruments for a few years. I joined this class with the hope of gaining new perspectives for music and re-building confidence in music performing. I would also love to explore music making in the trendy electric way. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in class and appreciating all of your great works!

Von Baker Intro

Hey everyone, I’m Von. I am currently a senior in the ILR School, minoring in business, and I am a pitcher on the baseball team. I played the tenor saxophone for about ten years, however have not been able to for the last few. I have produced for approximately 5 years, creating predominately trap and hip-hop. I am a die hard FL studio user, but am excited to expand my knowledge of other DAWs, as well as receive some technical training to improve upon my production skills!

Patrick Connelly intro

Hi! I’m a senior music major and game design minor. I’m interested in music composition and sound design for video games, and I have some experience from taking intro to game design last spring. I can play some piano and in high school I played cello for my school and community orchestras, but I’m pretty out of practice. I’m taking this class because, while I’ve made some (computer) music, I still don’t feel like I fully know what I’m doing. I’m hoping the class will give more composing experience and general computer sound knowledge. I don’t have anything specific in mind when it comes to working with others, but I’d definitely be open to collaborating if anyone wants to.

Hank Lin’s Intro

Hi guys, my name is Hank Lin and I am a second-semester senior in A&S majoring in Information Science. A singer/songwriter, pianist and film composer, I have experience writing songs and scoring student films for PMA productions, but have little knowledge in music production, which is the reason that I am taking this course. At Cornell, I’ve taken songwriting with Prof. Lewandowski before. In my free time, I enjoy performing my original songs at various open-mic venues in town such as the Sacred Roots Tea Lounge.

Songwriting-wise, I make mostly pop-rock and indie music. I am currently working on my first EP and am actively looking for producers, engineers, singers, any instrumentalists, etc. Also, I am looking forward to meeting people who would like to book a gig together before the semester ends. Feel free to reach out to me via email at if you are interested in either!

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