Assignment 0: James Peabody

Hi All,

I joined the class late so here is my intro! My name is James Peabody, I’m a senior studying History and minoring in Business. I’m extremely excited to be in this class because it will help me learn the engineering side of music. I have a good amount of experience with instruments: I’ve played guitar since before I can remember and dabbled with the piano, bass, and drums. I’ve never been in any official bands or anything, so I’m looking forward to collaborating with students in the class and learning about the software we will use!



Listening from Tuesday’s lecture

Sounds and information on Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville’s first recordings on the First Sounds project archive:

Principes de Phonoautographie (1857 publication)

John Cage’s “Imaginary Landscape #1”, 1939:

Pierre Schaeffer’s “Etude aux chemins de fer”, 1948 (musique concrète):

Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Etude II”, 1954


Assignment 0: Paul Casavant

Hi All, my name is Paul Casavant. I’ve tried to get into this class every fall since my sophomore year, so I am really looking forward to it. I grew up in a musical household, with my sister becoming a music teacher and my brother becoming an acoustics engineer, but I have always been a little behind when it came to music. I played percussion for about 5 years, mainly the drum set and timpani, but have since fallen out of the practice since high school. I’ve always wanted to create things, but haven’t found the right outlet. Looking forward to the semester.

Assignment 0: Austin Ping

Hello my name is Austin, I started to play percussion since I was 7.  I used to play in jazz band, school orchestra, and percussion ensemble. I have tried to compute musics on Garageband on my own, but it was more like something random. Now I am taking this class to learn more about the professional skills of computing music and hopefully will collaborate something out with others.

Edgard Varèse, Poème électronique

Varèse is considered, by many, a grandfather of electronic music, someone dedicated to the possibilities of music made with audio signals and loud speakers even before such means existed.

This piece–composed and connection with the 1958 Brussels World Fair for the experimental Philips Pavilion designed by fames architect Le Corbusier–is one fulfillment of those early ideas.

Here, too, is a link to the Virtual Electronic Poem (VEP) including the research done to reconstruct the original, lost work.

Video and audio below (original video loosely combined with music):

Assignment 0

Hi I’m Helen, I played piano for 10 years and cello for 7 years. I’m a bit rusty since its been a while since I’ve practiced piano and cello though. I’ve only played in orchestra concerts and recital halls.
A few years ago I tried dabbling in writing music, it didn’t go super far but I still kept an interest in writing and composing. I signed up for the class to learn more about music production and it just sounded super fun and different! Hope to get creative and enjoy the course with everyone!

Assignment 0: Ben Cooke

Hey, I’m Ben! I played cello for almost 7 years but unfortunately haven’t found the time to keep it up since coming to college. I’m an engineer so all of this is pretty far from my usual work. I have no plans or expectations for the class but am excited to be doing something different! Happy to collaborate with anyone as well!

Assignment 0: Shanyah Mitchell

Hi, Im Shanyah Mitchell a senior biology and classics double major. I am mainly a singer but Im trying to learn to play the guitar. Music has always been a big part in my life.  Ive been writing song lyrics for as long as I can remember and I was in an acapella group in high school but I haven’t done much music related activities in college. I have always been interested in learning how to make  my own music  and thats why this class stuck out to me.  I hope that by the end of the semester I’ll be able to bring some of the songs I have in my head to life instead of just putting them on paper. Id enjoy being able to collaborate with others that have similar interests to me.

Assignment 0: Nate Watson

Hey guys! I’m Nate Watson, a CS major with a minor in Psychology. I have very little formal training in music beyond middle school piano/trumpet lessons, but I’m very interested in digital music production and sound design. I’ve messed around in DAWs like Ableton and FL Studio before, but I’ve never gone that in depth. I’m very excited to dive deeper into computer music and make creative audio projects with new techniques I discover. I’m always down to collaborate, let me know if you want to work on something together!

Assignment 0

Hello all! My name is Stephen Rothman – I’m a senior in ILR. My music interests are all over the place – rap, EDM, classic rock, country, alternative – and I usually listen to whatever matches my mood. I’ve always been more attuned to beats and instrumentals than lyrics, maybe because that component elicits more of an emotional response. I played alto sax in middle school and part of high school but haven’t done much music making since then.

I’ve been intrigued with mixing and remixing songs for awhile now. Messed around and came up with some super low quality stuff on Garageband last semester, so I figured this class would be cool and helpful to hopefully improve on that interest. Specifically, I’d like to learn how to seamlessly blend transitions and simultaneously overlap songs (i.e. instrumental from one song with lyrics from another song).

Bucket list concert: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden

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