The Kyle Simpson Chamber Orchestra

Composer Kyle Simpson and his Pittsburgh-based chamber orchestra will perform his original scores alongside a live screening of two of the most popular movies from the silent film era: “A Trip to the Moon” (1902) and “The Kingdom of the Fairies” (1903) by French director Georges Méliès.
Students are cordially invited to join The Kyle Simpson Chamber Orchestra on November 22, 2019 at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music at Mary Flagler Cary Hall at 8 p.m. The admission is $10 for adults and $8 for students.

Kyle Simpson Chamber Orchestra Presents A Trip To the Moon

Joey Psycho @ Cayuga Lodge, November 15

Hey all! I brought this up in class, if anyone’s interested in looking more I’ll link Joey Psycho’s latest single and the link to the event.

Hope to see some of you there!


Hip-hop collective

A number of you have been asking about courses for next semester and I thought this might interest some of you:

MUSIC 3616,C Hip-Hop Collective

This course is open to experienced rappers and beatmakers interested in improving their craft and forging collaborative relationships with other students. Weekly meetings will entail workshopping lyrics and beats, composing collaborative tracks, improvising/freestyling, and developing performance skills.

Class, 10-24

Download the Subtractor patch for lab

Assignment 0: Daniel Massillon

Hey y’all my name is Daniel Massillon, most people call me Danny. I’m a senior biology major and business minor on the pre-med track in Arts and Sciences. I was also added off the waitlist just before the add deadline, and I’m really grateful to be in this class. I grew up in a city called Lynn about 20 minutes north of Boston. I’ve been involved with music in some way since I was 3. I started off learning to play the piano by ear at 3 and started taking lessons when I was 5 until I turned 17. I was always into R&B music production and songwriting and I started making my own ‘Chris Brown-like” songs in 3rd grade. I started singing in the school choir at 5 and started singing in church when I was 10. In highschool, I was able to take a couple of music production classes and work with Audacity, Garageband, and Ableton to make a short demo album. I’m familiar with professional studio equipment. Here at Cornell, I sing and I still casually produce and write. I wanted to take this course because I’m really eager to learn more about audio manipulation in this class and become better at editing and mixing. I also want to get acquainted with a different type of production workflow (usually I work with MIDI more so than raw audio recordings). I would love to collaborate with anyone else who’s interested in songwriting. I’m open to all genres!

Materials for Lab

Some notes after 2:55 Section

Hola everyone!

I forgot to comment about the upcoming deadline for assignment 1, next Tuesday 17th. More importantly, there are recorders in the library that you can check out and start creating your own library of sounds. Open your ears to our sounding world and grab those sounds that inspire you, store them, and play with them!

(This is a little song from the psychedelic era to find inspiration:

This week it was great to see you all work and play with sound in a destructive (Audacity) and non-destructive (Ableton) way. We learned the creative and political dimension that have mixed sounds, speech, and language. Restoring Neil Armstrong’s testimony and thinking about how recording material has a huge social implication in the piece “Come out” by the composer Steve Reich.

You can listen to the entire piece here, and if you want more info about the Harlem Six and the context of this piece there is this great article about it.


See you all in class!!



Materials for class today

Assignment 0: Corey Atkins

My name is Corey Atkins and I am a senior in Arts and Sciences majoring in Biological Sciences (pre-med) and minoring in Business.  I was just added off the waitlist so I’m excited to be one of the lucky ones to get into this class. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA but I spent 3 years living in Barbados, my dad’s native country.  My background in music begins with piano lessons from 3 until I was about 12 when I joined my middle school’s percussion section in the school band where I played various percussion instruments for 3 years.  Once I got to high school I got away from playing instruments due to my focus being football.  Despite no longer playing, just listening to music has always been one of my favorite things to do.  During my time at Cornell, Ive always wanted to venture back into playing music again because I am no longer playing ball but as many of you know free time at Cornell is rare.  I’ve decided to take this class because I’m interested in the production/editing/mastering that goes into making the finished pieces we here all the time, and to reactive the creative side of me.  Being part of a school band and an ensemble like percussion, I’ve always had to work with others to make a complete sound so I am very open to collaboration.

Listening from today’s class

Pierre Schaeffer’s “Etude aux chemins de fer”, 1948:

Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Etude II”, 1954

John Cage’s Sonata V from “Sonatas and Interludes”, 1945:

Steve Reich’s “Different Trains”, 1988:

Allan Schindler’s “Breath of Life”, 1997 … excerpt and description.

Kevin Ernste’s “To Be Neither Proud Nor Ashamed”, 2002.


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