Music 7411 (Sound Sculpture) is a course exploring several meanings of “sound sculpture” including techniques for sound manipulation and formation, sound analysis and re-synthesis, sounds in space, as well as more concrete notions of intermedia artwork.

Topics for the semester will be based on student interest and direction and may include: sound fundamentals, the physicality of sound production, acoustics and space, human hearing and perception, sound and image, as well as spectral analysis, manipulation, and re-synthesis methods. Our focus will be on understanding and shaping sound, including software, electronic instruments, as well as the manipulation of physical objects.

Other areas of inquiry may include:

Sound Fundamentals
Sound and Listening
Sound in Space (acoustics, propagation, etc)
Sound in Time
Sound and Sight / Object / Image
Sound and Body / Movement (physicality of performance, composition, controllers)
Sound and Art (history, works, methods, ideas)

Grading for the semester is as follows:

20% Assignments and participation
20% Paper and presentation
60% Once semester study piece and a final performance piece (30% each)

Class attendance is mandatory and class participation is absolutely essential.

Facilities: Studio A (B27) will be our primary studio with an overflow workstation in B25B. In addition, there is a developing mobile rig usable for performances and remote recording. Visit the “studio signup” page online.

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