Assignment #0: Due Tuesday February 1st

This week, please get acquainted with the resources of the course, both physical and virtual.

For starters, please visit the course website at and create a new user account. This login is primarily for access the studio sign-out system found here:

Studio access will be via keys stored in two storage lockers in Lincoln Hall. I will share the combinations with the class at Thursday’s meeting.

Beyond setting yourself up to sign up for the studios, your assignment this week is to find somewhere to listen. Find a place, any place, and try to hear every sound happening there. Try to turn off your filters for “good” or “bad” sounds and hear it all. Take some photo and write a short description of the sounds and your experience listening. Post the result to the website blog at blog.

You may wish to read about Pauline Oliveros’s life-long practice of Deep Listening (Links to an external site.) to inform and enhance your experience.


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