Assignment #1: Due Thursday, February 3rd

Our first assignment is an exercise in seeking, discovering, and gathering sounds that you find interesting and musical.

For this first instance of what will be an ongoing task for the semester of audio gathering, you are asked explore beyond Assignment 0’s task of listening and into recording. In doing so, you will begin to learn to use the resources of the studios, remote recorders, and/or your own equipment such as your phone, cameras, or your computer.

Remote recorders, such as the Zoom H4n (Links to an external site.) shown in class, can be accessed in the Cox Music Library at the reservation desk.

You may wish to refer to Prof. Ernste’s sound library in “Sound–>sflib” on the lab machines as examples for how to edit samples with clean beginnings and ends. Aim for the highest sound quality possible…it is easier to mangle a clean sample than to clean up a mangled one.

Look toward gathering a collection of 10-15 individual sounds or textures. This may, at first, seem a large number but steady working, developing a daily practice of listening/seeking/noticing and recording sound will inevitably yield a lot of material from which to harvest your samples.

To hand in this assignment, you must establish a folder in the class Box upload space (linked below), to be used now and for future sharing of samples and sounds for future iterations of this larger sound gathering project. Create a folder there with your NetID and inside create a folder for Week 1. Beyond that, you may organize the samples as you like.

Class sample library link (an invitation to access will be shared via Box) 

Further help getting started and a little inspiration, see here:

Katie Gately: Sampling Her World:

–> video here:

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