Assignment #1: Due Thursday, February 1st

Our first assignment is an exercise in listening, in seeking, discovering, and gathering sounds you find interesting and potentially musical. Using instruments or objects that you bring into the project studios as well as utilizing the portable recorders available through the library reservation desk, gather and edit together a collection of sounds/samples. You may wish to refer to my sounds in “Sound–>sflib” on the lab machines as examples for how to edit the samples with clean beginnings and ends. Aim for the highest sound quality possible…it is easier to mangle a clean sample than to clean up a mangled one.

Look toward gathering a collection of 30-40 individual sounds or textures: 15-20 made in-studio and 15-20 collected elsewhere. This may, at first, seem a large number but steady working, developing a daily practice of listening/seeking/noticing and recording sound will inevitably yield a lot of material from which to harvest your samples.

The result should be an archive of folders, one for in-studio and one for outside sounds, with subcategories within as you see fit (percussive, ambient textures, pitched, un-pitched, etc).

The finished archive should be zipped (on the Mac, right-click on the folder and choose “Compress…”) and uploaded to the link below.

Please be sure to name your file archive with your NetID (for example: when you upload.


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