Final Project: Due at Sound Art Forum performance, May 13th 2018

Sound Art Forum: Sunday, May 13th, 3pm

Your final project can be either collaborative or individual and may build upon previous work from this semester, polishing for live, public performance. The aspiration is to step-up the performance aspect and present your best creative work.

The project can be the fulfillment of a technological exploration from the second project, such as the building of and performance with an analog synthesizer (parts available from CEMC), an Arduino instrument, or a networked instrument. Installation-style works, games or other interactive pieces are also possible.

Duration is flexible depending on the nature of the project. Larger groups (no more than 3!) can, as with Project #2, demand more time of the audience but there is also room for expanded performances from individuals. You are free to use any of the software tools from the semester to create and perform your piece.

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