Project 1:  Performances and critiques, February 27th and March 1st

On the week of  March 16th and 18th we will have the first of our in-class concerts. Your performance should consist of a short (~3-4 minutes) piece of music in the style of your choosing, building upon the ideas and techniques discussed in class. You are free to use your own resources in developing the materials of the piece, but you must use Ableton Live for the live performance. I will supply a machine, a laptop, along with a keyboard and several options for performance controllers, but you are welcome to use your own system, if you prefer. Microphones will also be available, and you may request additional items or supply your own instruments, controllers, sensors, etc.

For this first project, please try to minimize your setup time, being sure bundle your Ableton project using “File–>Collect All and Save…” and/or “Freeze effects…” to make your project portable. You might test this portability in advance by bringing the project from one studio to another. This will also make it easier to submit the project materials, although to be clear, your grade is determined by your piece and it’s live performance.

As you imagine the design of your performance patch, I highly encourage you use this rule-of-thumb: don’t touch the mouse. This is, of course, somewhat artificial constraint but helps to begin to move the performance beyond the technological and into something instrumental and musical.

We will discuss scheduling, logistics, and performance order together in class.

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