Project #2: Due April 17th and 19th

Project #2 is explicitly collaborative. Student are tasked with seeking out and forming small groups of 2-3 (4 max!) to imagine and construct pieces utilizing techniques from the course. I am happy to aid in making contact with appropriate collaborators.

At the conclusion of the project, I will ask the group to convey short description of the roles of each participant in the result.

Given the larger number of participants in each project, you are encouraged to develop something on a larger scale (or with greater depth or technical complexity) then you might on your own. This might be a musical performance, an installation, something interactive, a multimedia piece, or a new instrument or software implementation…or something surprising and newly imagined.

I would encourage you to explore beyond the confines of what you already know. If you have questions or need help on any project idea, technical or musical, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Performances will take place in class on April 17th and 19th.

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