Assignment 3: Due Thursday September 27th

This assignment is, as announced and discussed in lecture:

Choose a song or piece of music you know well (or think you know!). Analyze the song in terms of its form and progression in time,  listening carefully to how its inner details–it’s sounds and instrumental choices–might aid in this progression. What do you think makes the music tick? What makes it move forward? What are the instruments and/or sounds and how do they develop? Are there small details, momentary or otherwise unnoticed, that you think are important?

The result should be 1) a represention of the form using letters, as shown in lecture 2) an accompanying prose description of the form and its essential elements as you hear them.

This need not be any more than a single page.

You may attach the result below (PDF, doc, etc) or hand it in physically in class. You are highly encouraged to share also your analysis on the course blog.

Please also include a link (or note, if turning in physically) to the music online or an mp3 for our reference listening.

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