Assignment 4: due Thursday October 29th

Please submit Assignment #4, given verbally by the TA’s in your respective section, using the links below.

For Assignment #4, you will create 10 synthesized sounds, 3-4 of which should be imitations of “real” instruments or specific sounds. There is no time requirement for the samples: some of them might just be 500ms for example, others may be much longer. When it comes to the imitative samples, using an audio clip (maybe one from the sfiles folder in the labs) is a really good idea. This part of the assignment is aimed at highly detailed listening, so it’s good for you to model your synthesized sounds over one that you can listen to again and again on repeat. With the remaining 6-7 clips, you should aim to experiment with all the modes of synthesis we covered in class: Additive, Subtractive, and FM.

You should only use Operator to complete this assignment, although you may also experiment with incorporating some of the Audio Effects that we’ve discussed (EQ, Compression, Reverb, etc.) if you wish! Once you have synthesized your sounds, you will select the clips and export them as individual WAV files, as you would any other audio clip. You will then name all your files – making sure to specifically identify the ones that are imitations – and zip them in a folder that you will then upload. Remember that you can also save your “instrument” as a preset by clicking the “save” button on the top right of the Operator instrument. While you do not need to do this for the assignment, I would highly recommend it, so that you can go back to your synth and create variations of the sound later on.

Submit Assignment #4 for the 9:55 Section

Submit Assignment #4 for the 11:30 Section

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