Assignment 1: Due Saturday September 3rd

UPDATE: The due date has been adjusted due to issues with door access. It is, as was mentioned in class last Saturday Sept. 3rd by the end of the day.

Make a recording of the human voice using Audacity.

You may be as creative as you like with what is read but the resulting sound file should seek to illustrate your understanding of the principles of signal quality discussed in class.  Work toward a full, warm sound exemplified by the classic “radio voice”.  I encourage you to record someone else’s voice, acting as the “engineer”, but this is not a requirement.

The resulting audio file should be approximately 10-15 seconds long, cleanly edited and ready to listen. Your file format will, of course, be raw, uncompressed audio, so AIFF or WAV format, not MP3 or another “lossy” compressed format.

Please turn in your finished assignment by uploading via the link below OR upload directly to your own Cornell “Box” and sharing the file with Professor Ernste as well as your section TA (email address on the syllabus).

I recommend using the following naming scheme…assuming, for the moment, that I am turning in a sound file I titled “Vocal Study”:


You may wish to consult the following tutorials during your exploration of Audacity and in its use for this assignment:

Editing and Saving with Audacity

Audacity Manual Tutorials

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