Assignment 5: due Thursday November 5th

Using Ableton Live and the sampling techniques discussed in class and in labs (Simpler, Impulse, loop editing, and beat slicing), create five “beats”, that is short audio loops or patterns that could be used later in a larger track. A “beat” might be as short as one or two bars, or a little longer for patterns that develop over time.

The first two should derive from famous Amen break (download) and the last three can use any source sample you like, including recordings you make. The term “beat” here can be defined broadly to include reorganized bits of speech or, as with musique concrete, other sounds from the world, including those you may have created in assignment #2.

The five resulting “beats” should be handed in as WAV audio files, exported, with all five in a ZIP archive to be uploaded.

Submit Assignment #5 for the 9:55 Section

Submit Assignment #5 for the 11:30 Section

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