Final Project: Sound Art Forum, Dec. 19 at 5pm

Your final project is to be performed on our end-of-semester Sound Art Forum (date TBA). You may use any techniques from the course and any software or hardware you wish to create and perform your piece. Your piece is encourages to be a live performance using your video camera (and/or additional cameras), desktop, and other sources as you see fit, but a pre-recorded performance is also acceptable.

See here for a streaming performance checklist and here for some tutorials on live streaming, as well as here with details on OBS with a single scene, either for recording or streaming.

The resulting performances will be streamed live at a class concert held via Zoom. We will make the even open to the public as well, so please do invite your friends and family!

Some suggestions:
1) Try to stay around the 3-5 minute mark (longer if collaborating)

2) You are free to collaborate with other members of the class but you MUST CONSULT WITH ME and let me know what each person’s role will be. Outside collaborators are welcome and encouraged with the same caveat.

3) Create something amazing

Materials used for the final project must be turned in, as with other projects, including all sources and Live (or other software) “projects”. This is due on the day following the live performances.

Upload pre-recorded projects in advance of the concert here.

Upload your Final Project Materials ZIP here.

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