Final Project: Sound Art Forum, Dec. 19 or 20

Your final project is to be performed on our end-of-semester Sound Art Forum, Friday December 13th at 3pm online. You may use any techniques from the course and any software or hardware you wish to create and perform your piece.

Rehearsal and/or soundcheck times will be available (as desired) on the day of the performance. Please be prepared to fill out an online information request during the last week of classes, supplying the piece’s title (if any), description, technical needs, and any other considerations (special timing, specific power or audio needs, etc).

On the day of the performance we will have two studio computers plus audio and video connectivity for use with your own laptop.

The following studio equipment will be available (others upon request):

– a computer and audio interface (to match the studio setup)
– Stereo playback
Рone dynamic microphone (SM58), one condenser (Rode NT1)
– AKAI APC40 Abelton Live controller on the studio desks
– a 49-key desktop keyboard (like the AKAI in B25C)
– an 88-key keyboard, as needed
– Any acoustic instruments in B20 (piano, percussion, etc)

Specific projects may require other items such as Arduino boards, additional microphones, special controllers, or other items. Please be in touch with me about possibilities.

Some further suggestions:
1) Try to stay around the 3-4 minute mark (longer if collaborating)

2) You are free to collaborate with other members of the class but you MUST CONSULT WITH ME and let me know what each person’s role will be. Outside collaborators are welcome and encouraged with the same caveat.

3) Create something amazing

While the performance itself is your final project, materials used for the performance should be turned in during the week following, due no later than the end of the day on Dec. 16th.

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