Project One: due Thursday Oct. 14th

CLARIFICATION: The due date is indeed the Thursday sections on October 14th, as mentioned in class.

For the first project, create a short piece using the techniques and software applications explored in the course thus far. You should aim for for 2-3 minutes of music (although slightly shorter or longer projects are certainly possible).

You must turn in the final project as a mixed-down WAV or AIFF audio file as well as an Abelton Live project mix. All items should be placed into a single folder, named appropriately, and ZIP-ed into an archive to be uploaded. I recommend a similar naming scheme as the previous assignments.

BE SURE to gather all sounds together into your Ableton Project folder with “Collect all and save…” before ZIP-ing up the directory to share, as detailed in the FAQ here.

Here are some suggested formats for this first project:

1. A “song” made from a multi-track recording and mixdown. Using the recording and editing techniques from the course, record or gather materials for multiple layers/tracks to be processed and mixed.

2. A collage/pastiche piece using your own samples, those from the soundfile library (sflib), and/or sounds from other legal sources (freesound, etc). Be as creative as you like, warping an mangling these sounds as you like.

3. Some combination of the above two or any other interesting format you can dream up. Some former students have done audio diaries, audio documentaries, podcasts, sound poems, mashups, noise pieces, sound walks, and on and on.

Please be in touch if you have any questions or need further guidance on your project. Happy music making!

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