Project Two: due in class, Thursday Nov. 18

As with Project One, your primary goal should be to create a short original piece, something musically engaging (both to us and to you). The duration can now be longer, between 3 and 5 minutes, and more exploratory with its form.

I would suggest one of two general approaches:

  1. Given new software and instruments (MIDI, application interconnectivity, etc), expanding upon your work from the first project, fixing both technical and musical issues, also expanding it formally beyond the previous 2-3 minute limit.
  2. Use this project as an opportunity to experiment and explore a new idea, concept, or technique, looking toward the final project.

With respect to software requirements, I recommend you use any and all of the tools at your disposal, meaning those we have reviewed together in the class but also those you may have discovered on your own. If your are looking for specific functionality not available to you with tools you already, please do ask and we can point you in the right direction.

The final product will take the form of a WAV of AIFF audio file as well as any project files from Live or other software, ZIP’d up and uploaded as with Project #1. You may include a short prose description with your upload, as you see fit. As always, please identify yourself in the name of the file by including your NetID as part of its title.

Submit Project #2 here.

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