Fall 2020 Final performance options and info

Looking toward our final performance, I wanted to address the technological possibilities head on to make sure students feel ready and able to present their best work.

Performances can be submitted  as pre-recorded videos of a live performance OR performed live during the show (the latter is highly encouraged!). The tutorials below seek to present several ways to accomplish either result.

As an aside, all tutorial videos were captured using Mac Quicktime to simply capture everything happening on my machine. There are similar basic screen capture tools available on Windows and Linux. But as we’ve seen, OBS can be used as a powerful capture tools on its own (see Tutorial #4 below).

Audio capture can be done in real-time within OBS or the screen capture tool OR synced afterward from a recording of your performance made, as you would normally, from within Live…I highly recommend doing the latter, in any case.

1. Simplest cases: use Zoom’s own “Screen Sharing” feature to share your audio and/or your entire Desktop. The latter could include displaying multiple elements, such as audio software windows, video, webpages/browser content, webcam views, images, live-drawn artwork, etc. The live webcam could be directed at you performing or at your controller, etc. Many possibilities. Here are the basics as video tutorials:

Tutorial #1 – Live performance with webcam only, no Desktop
Tutorial #2 – Steaming a Desktop scene with video and live webcam

2. More complex: Using OBS to construct scenes or scenes using basic sources (Desktop, camera or cameras). OBS can be used to record OR to stream.

Tutorial #3 – Getting audio into OBS on Windows and Mac
Tutorial #4 – Single-scene OBS recording/capture of a performance

3. Come up with your own solution. Certainly there are possibilities beyond these and you are free to use another method, such as pointing those of us attending the live concert to the URL of another source such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, or other services where you might already be streaming!

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