Final performance checklist

In preparation for our final performance, here is a checklist of technical issues to double-check.

1. You are using your Cornell login in Zoom. The easiest way to verify is to visit and login, joining the meeting after. You may also need to download the latest Cornell version from the same place.

2. Your Zoom preferences are set to enable stereo audio. See here for details.

3. Your Zoom preferences are set to Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone. This will disable Zoom’s noise and echo cancellation. See here for details. Once turned on in preferences, a button will appear in the Zoom window (upper left) to allow you to “Turn on original sound” for your audio device.

4. You are using a hard-wired ethernet connection wherever physically possible! Bandwidth will affect many aspects of your performance and so a hard-wired connection to your home router is ideal.

5. Use good lighting where available! Extra lamps, phone LEDs, and other sources will dramatically improve your camera fidelity.

6. You have reviewed your sound settings for your particular situation by reading this post.

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