Hey everyone,

I’m Riley Owens, a sophomore in Arts and Sciences. I’m taking this class because I love music and I’m trying to create a new course of study here at Cornell that involves computer music and technology. I’m a huge fan of pioneers like Brian Eno and guys on the leading edge such as Jon Hopkins. I really like to blend the sounds of synthesizers with typical music setups in a similar way to Coldplay and The 1975. In addition, I’m interested in learning to create really glitchy sounds that make up tracks from Jon Hopkins’ albums, but also the more ambient pad like sounds from his earlier work and the work of Brian Eno. I’m primarily a guitar player and singer, and my favorite musician of all time is John Mayer. I like playing blues, and rock guitar, and I’m a complete gear maniac. My dorm is packed full of guitars and midi controllers and a few pedalboards. I can’t wait to learn more in this class, and if you have similar interests let’s collaborate!

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